A Tannhauser Miniature Release and a Farewell to the Game

While visiting the local goings on over at Fantasy Flight Games I came upon this particular news which may be a little disheartening to fans of Tannhauser. Tucked away at the bottom of the recent info on the release of the Frankenstahl miniature for the Tannhauser game line was a farewell from the staff.

As quoted from their news:

With the release of Frankenstahl later this year, FFG’s development of new content for the Tannhäuser board game will be taking a rest. We feel the Tannhäuser line, with its many options, is currently robust enough to offer a great play experience for new and veteran players alike. We’re happy to say that after six years of publishing, Tannhäuser has matured to include four playable factions, three large expansions, and eighteen miniature packs. With this in mind, we lay aside its further development with pride and move to till other fields. The Tannhäuser board game and its expansions remain in print for the time being, so new players should have clear access to explore the uchronic conflict on their game tables at any time.

We remain genuine fans of Tannhäuser and its universe. We have no doubt that sometime in the future we’ll return to explore new game experiences among its dark and winding paths.

As always, thank you for your support.

While indeed it has grown and is quite enjoyable, I would have liked to have maybe seen a pen and paper rpg based on this. I think it would have enough uniqueness to stand out. I think the most concerning information is that Tannhauser is in print “for the time being”. I can understand the development teams point of view of moving on and maybe coming back to it. However I would keep a limited run going since it’s not dying out due to a lack of interest

Source via Fantasy Flight Games

Tannhauser: State of the Game

Well Fantasy Flight Games has a state of the game for the wicked boardgame Tannhauser. For anyone who has played this game you know how cool it is and for those who don’t please check this out. RPGHubber Neil had us try this out one evening with Curt and myself and we had a blast! It’s quick, easy and full of flavour. Ok, ok! Enough selling you on it.

It looks like it has a bright future with rules 2.0 on the way as well as a miniature and scenario by Christmas. And, of course, there are tons of other Tannhauser goodies coming, they just aren’t telling us yet. Those teases!