Midnight Syndicate’s music for Zombies!!!

The exclamation points are critical. Midnight Syndicate, you may remember, created an official (I think) soundtrack for D&D back in the dark ages of 13 years ago. Well, now they’re back and making “spoopy” tunes for the beloved space-hogging Zombies!!! boardgame that is celebrating it’s 15th anniversary this year (!).

Also, this just in: I’m old now.

More info on Midnight Syndicate’s website here.

RPGHub Reviews: Zombies!!!

I like Zombies. I like Zombie movies. I like raising the dead. Obviously I would play a game called Zombies!!! right? I mean just the exclamation marks compel me to play. So Zombies!!! is a board game by Twilight Creations. It comes in a rather small unimposing box. It’s obvious from the cover that it’s an homage to the horror zombie genre such as Evil Dead.

Upon opening the box you have heart tokens, brain tokens, bullet tokens, a stack of tiles, cards, player miniatures and of course…ZOMBIES!!! It’s actually kind of surprising upon first inspection to see all they crammed into the box. The game board itself consists of various tiles which will get placed down on the table. The overall goal of the game is of course to survive the zombie invasion and make it to the helicopter taking you to safety or another place which is also most likely filled with zombies. But let’s stay positive here.

So with that being said, you start the game in the center tile which is the town square and from there each players takes his turn. Every player has 3 event cards. These cards can be beneficial to you or can play tricks on your opponent. The idea is that your all in it for yourself though I have played house ruled games where we do co-op. You roll a simple six sided dice to move and you place a new tile to fit the street path to however you want. Eventually when you run out of tiles the helipad will be available.

Combat within the Zombies!!! universe is also resolved via a six sided dice. A roll of 4, 5 or 6 will kill your foe while lower will result in a loss of a heart token or alternatively you can spend a bullet o increase your result. Often enough the is not enough bullets to help you and that’s great. If you get eaten alive you start back in town square, you lose your weapons and you lose half you zombie trophy’s. The goal of the game is two fold. You either as mentioned make it to the helipad or you can also collect 25 zombie trophy so it’s very difficult to achieve either.

Event cards can consist of handy weapons to give you a dice bonus or it can be to spawn other zombies. There are other type of cards and some will be sure to have you rolling on the floor. I finished the last game by spawning 15 zombies which totally shut the game down due to lack of time.

The game is that simple really. It’s incredibly accessible to anyone including the non zombie fan as it’s ridiculously fun . We recently at our Halloween part had a random person jump in the game with us and he was trying to put the kibosh on all of us within an hour.


Accessibility: Anyone can play this game and get enjoyment from it. It’s just plain fun.

Flexibility: Zombies!!! is a game that can easily be house ruled if you find the pace too slow or too fast. You can also come up with your own wacky tiles, invest in expansions and be as imaginative as you want to be.

Packaging: It’s small and compact. I can easily transport it to a friends place without it being cumbersome. Heck if someone complains it’s cumbersome then give them the hand. It also have the look of a b-movie horror flick which just add’s to the theme.


Lack of larger interiors: In the Zombies game you will be able to enter building however the building are small in size so a more spacey interior would have been better. This get’s resolved by further expansions so this is a rather small negligible issue.

I highly recommend everyone to buy Zombies!!! the board game. It\s fast paced, not too expensive at $29.99 CDN and will have you all laughing throughout the game and that’s what’s truly a test of a good game.