The Dresden Files card game on Kickstarter

Because everything is being funded through Kickstarter these days (and believe me, I’m not complaining!), you may be interested in knowing that Evil Hat has launched a Kickstarter for The Dresden Files cooperative card game. Having backed an Evil Hat Kickstarter in the past, I can attest to their prowess in putting these things together. They’re always a great deal.

Check it out here.

Magic: The Gathering comes to D&D

The ever-wonderful Critical Hits is reporting that the setting of Magic: The Gathering, Zendikar, has come to D&D via a free PDF. What’s more, WotC is running a survey to gauge interest in a paid book for the setting as well.

Read more on Critical Hits. And/or get the PDF here.

The Failure of Spellfire

Here’s an interesting article about the history of Spellfire, TSRs failed answer to Magic: The Gathering from the 90s. To be honest, I’d actually completely forgotten about the game existing until I saw this. From the article:

TSR was looking to piggyback on Wizards Of The Coast’s success, and soon. The company gave its vice president of product design, Jim Ward, just six months to create a CCG good enough to compete with the burgeoning Wizards Of The Coast juggernaut. Along with fellow game designers Steven Winter, Zeb Cook, and Mike Breult, Ward set out to create a card game that would utilize TSR’s substantial creative resources and improve on Magic’s shortcomings. The goal was to introduce a distinctive, higher-quality game, rather than just a D&D-themed version of Magic.

via Not In The Cards | Feature | The Gameological Society

A Lord of the Rings Card Game Preview

Well if you were one of the many who were looking for a preview of the upcoming Lord of the Rings card game from Fantasy Flight Games then you are in luck as FFG has finally released one detailing some of the cards. After playing the Call of Cthulhu card game I have to say I like their card games and this one is looking very pretty. I always enjoyed their art and these look top notch.

Lord of the Rings card game preview

via Fantasy Flight Games

Worldbreaker Released!

The latest World of Warcraft: TCG set entitled Worldbreaker was officially  released today. For those who are not aware, Upper Deck no longer has the rights to the trading card game so now a company called Cryptozoic has the rights and will be supporting / releasing new products for the franchise. My personal thoughts are that is cool but from the looks of the transition it was not handled very well. The Cryptozoic site is sparse, no demo for the tcg or any World of Warcraft feel to the place. Of course maybe they didn’t have time but if your looking to sell the TCG to people, you want something nice. However I will say I like that the TCG news is showing up on the World of main page.

Worldbreaker Released Party!


So Magic The Gathering 2011 is coming

Well it looks like the new edition of Magic is on the way. I cannot say I was paying attention to it’s arrival. I wasn’t. After investing in about all the releases that came out one thing always comes to mind that there is typically very little ‘new’ and a whole lot of reprints. It’s ok to have reprints. It would not be normal to not get a little nostalgia cards. However I think that with each release they need more new things. At PAX I bought some older sets like Shadowmoor and still managed to produce cards that I already had from all the newer items.  I think one of the more interesting releases was Planechase as it offered a new dynamic. Sure it had some cards in other recent sets but there was enough newness to make it worth the price of admission. Anyways, I would just like to see more effort into making totally original cards.

Now that I totally ranted off there here is the purpose of this posting. If your interested in procuring the latest edition you can buy a box at select participating stores where if your damn lucky, will receive promotional card entitled Birds of Paradise. Check it out!

The Daily Flight

Fantasy Flight Games brings us todays daily dose of cool news to report on their end.

– FFG gives us a look at Genestealers and Movement in the Space Hulk: Death Angels The Card Game. I have not heard too much on this one yet but I am getting more and more into the 40k universe of Warhammer having plunged into the miniatures.

– FFG also brings us in card game fashion that only they can bring a card of the week for Warhammer: Invasion. This week bring us the cards Entropy and Order in Chaos. So if your looking to add some spice to your decks or maybe just learn something new, this is it. I myself have not played Invasion yet. I tackled the Call of Cthulhu LCG and if it is remotely similar then it’s awesome.

Fantasy Flights Call of Cthulhu LCG Card of the Week

Fans of Call of Cthulhu LCG, head on over to Fantasy Flight Games and check out their card of the week entitled Stealthy Zoog. I am a pretty big fan of the Call of Cthulhu LCG as it offers a different and more strategic gameplay compared to the more direct Magic The Gathering. But thats just my little opinion.