Worldbreaker Released!

The latest World of Warcraft: TCG set entitled Worldbreaker was officially  released today. For those who are not aware, Upper Deck no longer has the rights to the trading card game so now a company called Cryptozoic has the rights and will be supporting / releasing new products for the franchise. My personal thoughts are that is cool but from the looks of the transition it was not handled very well. The Cryptozoic site is sparse, no demo for the tcg or any World of Warcraft feel to the place. Of course maybe they didn’t have time but if your looking to sell the TCG to people, you want something nice. However I will say I like that the TCG news is showing up on the World of main page.

Worldbreaker Released Party!


Upperdeck Likes you to Gamble

Want to gamble with your UDE points you get in those WoW: TCG boosters? Well now you can. As of today you can pay 2000 UDE points for a random code. This code can be redeemed in game at the WoW Redemption Page where you will get another code (yeah ok maybe it’s a bit of a hassle) and then you can go to Booty Bay (in WoW of course) and visit Landro Longshot. And well hopefully something really good will come of it. You will get something but like life, it’s a gamble.

The Scourgewar is Here!

Fans of World of Warcraft: The Card Game rejoyce. The Scourgewar Epic Collection is finally available. It contains a playmat which is oh so pretty, a box for your deck, 5 boosters and a poster. Oh and consumable loot card. Where could you possibly go wrong

I want this soooo much. I think I have a lot of kissing up to do and fast

Naxxramas Preview for WoW: TCG

Seems we have a preview here for Naxxramas over at the official WoW: TCG site. Specifically, we have two cards on the agenda.

One is called Calamity’s Grasp which is for both Rogues and Shamans. The idea behind it seems to be that you play the card and select a card type that you want to destroy on your opponent’s side. You sacrifice an identical type so you can remove your opponent’s card. It’s a risky move, mind you, but if you have filler cards or quests to get those types of cards back then I can see how the ends justify the means.

The next card is Wall of Terror which grants Warriors and Paladins a nice +3 armour bonus. The big thing, it seems, is that it eliminates your opponent’s cards back to their hand, having them to resource everything back out again. This can be particularly handy, I would assume, if the opponent had lots of higher cost items, allies and equipment. Still pretty darn cool though.

For more info check out the Preview.

About Time: World of Warcraft TCG Class packs

Upper Deck has some news on what’s coming in 2010 for World of Warcraft: TCG. One of the most wondrous news from this is that there will be actual class packs. With that said, it’s about damn time. I generally love their packages but I think they still need to learn some tricks on giving people what they want in terms of selection. Still we will have more raids and other event themed decks. So the future is bright and would like to see this grow more around my local area.

RPGHub Reviews: Darkmoon Faire

It’s review time again folks and this time we will take a look at World of Wacraft: TCG expansion Darkmoon Faire

I recently swung by our local card store and noticed the Darkmoon Faire Collectors Set just sitting there on the shelf. At first I was not sure what it was having not much experience with the trading card game. I never really explored much of what was out there. Well I did some research that night and then decided to go grab this.

The Darkmoon Faire Collectors set includes 5 cards specific only to this set. You can’t get these anywhere else and they are quite powerful cards. Actually that’s a bit of an understatement. For instance, one of the Allies, Silas Darkmoon, can attack with the score of all you’re Allies’ attack values combined and his health is determined as such too. So this can be very scary, however most of these cards have very high resources so you will want to be wary in using them. They are very powerful if you can get them out but you need to work hard to do it.

Also on the inside of this box are two Dark Portal booster packs which, of course, are random. I was lucky and managed to get a few rares in there.


Price: The price was $14.99 CDN which is pretty good for an intro pack that contains five exclusive cards, two boosters and a special card, which if you buy another Darkmoon Faire Collectors Set would have allowed you to enter the beginners Darkmoon Faire Tournament circa pre September 2009.

Art: The art is fantastic as always and captures the feel for the setting. The art for the Darkmoon Faire unique cards capture the flavor of the humor and freakishness of the Faire.


Only Five Unique Cards: I would have preferred if there were a few more unique cards as five cards seem a tad on the cheap side. While they are powerful cards mind you, they could have easily added some lower resource cost cards which in turn could have just caused the opponent some quirky harm.

In all, I am very pleased with the package. It represents what the Darkmoon Faire is about while providing some handy boosters introducing you to the Dark Portal line of products which is a nice lead in. I highly recommend getting it while you can.

World of Warcraft TCG Demo

While this isn’t exactly news since it’s been out for quite awhile I found this to be pretty cool none the less. Upperdeck has a demo out for WoW: TCG which explains all the basics to the game. It’s quite a cool flash program to pique your interest. Since delving into the TCG market, I picked up three WoW starter sets to get things rolling. Will probably have a review on that upcoming once we get around to playing it.