Update: DC Comics Rebirth is Here

For all you DC Comics fans you probably all know about the first issue of Rebirth being out in stores right now. This is the big shake up which brings huge changes to the universe. For one, the universe is completely changed and I think for the better.

New 52 cleaned the slate for the DC universe which divided the community in a horrible way. While no strangers to shake up’s in the universe, fans had a history with their favorite heroes but suddenly none of that existed. It was a bitter pill to swallow but would have maybe passed if they didn’t half ass the attempt. DC tried to imply some stories happened, some histories never changed but key elements were missing. It sounds confusing just explaining that and the readers thought the same as well.

Rebirth however brings a lot of our classic heroes back. A Superman who is with Lois and has a child, a Bat family that is back to status, Wally West who is a beloved flash is returned and much more. While we don’t know the whole landscape yet, it seems to be a sort of mia culpa to the mess that was caused.

Heroes seem to also be as silly as this may sound, heroic. The New 52 came off as being very emo in the way it was written. It was dark and gritty which missed what a lot of these characters were supposed to be about. Often it seemed that these heroes weren’t being good because it was the right thing to do, it was more ‘just because’.

All that aside though we got a glimpse of the big bad that caused these universe changes to begin with…Dr Manhattan. Yes, that Dr Manhattan!!! It’s weird and not sure how it all works yet but it has potential. I am rather mixed on this though as Watchmen to me was separate in it’s own grim universe. Merging them into the DC Universe seem’s a very odd choice that I hope they can pull off. It’s a gamble but I am wanting to see where this goes.

Rebirth seem’s to have a little bit for everyone and they are trying hard to erase the divide that was caused a few years ago. Only time will tell if things pan out but I know I will be happy to be grabbing up the latest issues.

UPDATE 05/28/16
I decided that I was going to jump into Rebirth and see it for myself and guess what? Apparently everyone did too. Seem’s that Rebirth is sold out everywhere. I tried two comic book stores and was told the same story however a second printing is coming so I just need to be slightly patient. I am considering ebaying it with a variant cover. If I am going to dish out $30 might as well get something unique though there are some variants that are selling for INSANE prices. Seem’s DC got things right thus far. I also have my friend at work who is a huge comic book buff that I have on the hunt for a local copy so either way I will get one but boy I am excited.

Comic Book Review: Batwoman #1

With DC Comics rebooting of it’s universe, we have “The New 52” which of course is 52 new titles all starting at number 1. One of the issues I was looking forward to was Batwoman. If you never have had a chance to check out her previous adventures in Detective Comics when Bruce Wayne was MIA in the past then I highly suggest you do so. Suffice it to say I was more then happy to jump on board and purchase her first issue and I was not disappointed.

Batwoman starts out with her on an investigation of disappearing children by some sort of phantasmal being / creature. It has a nice little supernatural flare to it which was highly enjoyable as I don’t remember seeing too many of them. We also get a little brief recap of some events from her past outings as they try to sum up her current relationship to her father. Now for those who are wondering about the past events, nothing was really changed story wise in the new universe and all her past adventures can be considered carried over. But don’t let that fact fool you into thinking you need to check out older issues. If your new to comics or wanting to get back in slowly then this is a great introduction to the character and is easily a standalone no previous reading required. Now we are also introduced in an off hand way to a new villain who will be working behind the scenes in digging up info on Batwoman since Batman is too hard to deal with it seems. In all the whole issue really had a lot of crunch throughout the book. Lot’s of new elements yet still staying cohesive. But then again this is the standard for Batwoman comics. They seem to all be written with a lot of care and it really does this character justice. I am happy though that we have new villains and also an investigation that is ongoing.

Art wise I cannot get over how amazing everything looks. I have to say I have not seem many comics this good looking. And that is to say all of Batwoman comics tend to be this way. It is simply a visual treat. The story is always well represented and you never get lost within the panels. Backgrounds and characters are always well done. However there is one things that irks me a bit and I am not sure if it is creative direction or artistic direction however they seem to play off Batwoman’s sexuality by having her changing / being nude by another female but concealed as to be suggestive. Now while I find it a positive thing to have a character like this but I do find they try to exploit it for horny young teenagers. That is just my impression. It’s like they are trying for the cool factor for being ‘risqué’ which is a cheap ploy.

In all if Batwoman is any indication of what other New 52 comics may be like then I am quite happy. I really look forward to seeing where this story is going to go and also how the relationship between Batwoman and her father will evolve. If you have any inkling into trying something new in the new DC Universe then I highly suggest you jump on board this title. You will not be disappointed.