D&D finally gets Lord of the Rings

This is slightly old news, but I’m sharing it anyway, damnit! Cubicle 7, the fine folks behind the Doctor Who RPG and the very cool Lord of the Rings RPG called the One Ring are now making a D&D 5th edition version of Tolkein’s setting that started it all. The book should be out this summer, and I’m looking forward to seeing it!

You can read the Escapist article about it here.

Doctor Who Subscription Deals

Cubicle 7 has three deals going on for their Doctor Who RPG.

Deal 1 has all the physical and PDF copy of sourecebooks for each Doctor in the Doctor Who series.

Deal 2 has only the first six sourcebooks as physical copies with the rest being in PDF format

Deal 3 is all the books in PDF format only

Now all these deals are apparently time limited so now is your chance to go and grab them.

Bits and Mortar

Now this is just cool. Some publishers and retailers are joining forces to grant you free PDF copies of the print books you buy.

The past several years have seen growth in consumer acceptance of PDFs and eBooks. With an eye on using this to drive customers to their friendly local game stores, a coalition of publishers have formed Bits and Mortar, a pro-retailer, pro-brick-and-mortar, pro-PDF, pro-eBook initiative.

Bits and Mortar uses simple methods and existing technology to allow retailers the ability to quickly and easily offer their customers PDF versions of the physical games they purchase in store at no additional charge.

Read more here.