A Lord of the Rings Card Game Preview

Well if you were one of the many who were looking for a preview of the upcoming Lord of the Rings card game from Fantasy Flight Games then you are in luck as FFG has finally released one detailing some of the cards. After playing the Call of Cthulhu card game I have to say I like their card games and this one is looking very pretty. I always enjoyed their art and these look top notch.

Lord of the Rings card game preview

via Fantasy Flight Games

Tiss the season over at Fantasy Flight Games

Well it’s holiday sales time over at Fantasy Flight Games. They have over 150 items for sale this year over a wide range of items from card games, miniatures to board games. I preferred last years sale as card game wise they had a lot of material. I would have preferred more RPG stuff and maybe some more board games. Out of all I have seen I may get the Mutant Chronicles miniature starter set and the Warcraft board game expansion.

Fantasy Flight Games Holiday Sale

The Daily Flight

Lot’s of Warhammer happenings over on Fantasy Flight Games site. It seem’s the franchise keeps gaining steam. There is a promising MMO, video games, various RPG’s, the books are more prominent now and I am sure more is coming. Would love to see an animated feature in the near future. Till then though here are some happenings over at Fantasy Flight Games.

– There is a great video up concerning Deathwatch with the head designer and also the IP handler at Games Workshop.

– The Edge of Twilight which is an adventure for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay concerns a town called Ubersreik which is a very interesting location for your players. Jay Little has a designer diary which takes a look at this town and it’s potential for your gaming group.

-If you missed free rpg game day well they have a cure for you. You can now get the free adventure for Deatwatch entitled Final Sanction

The Lord of the Rings boargame is being released under Fantasy Flights silver line. What this means is that there will be updates, new elements but mostly the same Lord of the Rings boardgame that everyone has always loved.

-This is kind of expected but there is a game master’s toolkit for Deathwatch coming soon. Features you typical screen and adventure. For more details, check here.

The Daily Flight

Fantasy Flight Games brings us todays daily dose of cool news to report on their end.

– FFG gives us a look at Genestealers and Movement in the Space Hulk: Death Angels The Card Game. I have not heard too much on this one yet but I am getting more and more into the 40k universe of Warhammer having plunged into the miniatures.

– FFG also brings us in card game fashion that only they can bring a card of the week for Warhammer: Invasion. This week bring us the cards Entropy and Order in Chaos. So if your looking to add some spice to your decks or maybe just learn something new, this is it. I myself have not played Invasion yet. I tackled the Call of Cthulhu LCG and if it is remotely similar then it’s awesome.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Digital Dice

Fantasy Flight Games have released an iPod app for the WFRP 3 dice. It has all the possible dice you will need for your gaming needs. This is much needed and one of the things which had me feeling iffy on doing remote gaming using the new system. Though for in person I say get more physical dice. I always preferred actual dice. While digital dice are cool I find they on average do not roll the same.