How to deal with the Warhammer launch day

Games Workshop has quite an amusing post on how to deal with the upcoming Warhammer launch day for their latest edition and accessories. It is a pretty big day all around from miniature fans. I have to say though the prices on the accessories at the very least are reasonable. Unless you get the uber edition of the Warhammer core book I always found the price a tad too high. But at any rate to find out how to deal, check this out

Warhammer Goodies Alert

Ok so probably most people interested in this have already gone and pre-ordered these and probably knew more in advane then myself that these items were on the way. I tend to be late to these types of things. I am like the last kid picked in gym. But there is a wicked Warhammer Fantasy limited edition swag over on the Games Workshop page. Among these awesome items are

Limited Edition Rulebook: This is freaking awesome looking. I cannot justify getting the book myself but just wow

Limited Edition Ivory / Bone Dice: These are pretty sweet and I could not help but grab them.

Limited Edition Templates: Finding your average templates quite dull these are just mind blowing cool

Limited Gamers Edition: This includes the wicked rulebook, the dice, the templates, the markers, the engineers ruler set and a bag whic you would find onĀ  a empire’s soldier. I will give it to them on making such a sweet package.

Limited Edition Engineers Ranging Set: Rulers and compass. Nuff said

Limited Edition Counter Set

In all some very cool items. The price are reasonable for most of the items and your sure that your book will be the sweetest on the table but practicality wise not sure how well it would hold up with people paging through it.

Only One Gamesday in 2010

Sadly for many gamers, Games Workshop has decided to reduce the number of Gamesdays in a year to one. In this case, it’ll be in Baltimore and that’s that. I’ve only been to one Gamesday in Toronto in 2008 and it was fantastic, so I’m sad that I won’t be going to another unless I take a jaunt down to Baltimore or something.

[W]e are redesigning the template for the Games Day experience and while we are keeping the time honored traditional bits that work as they are, we will be improving and updating many areas as well as adding new and exciting features. We have also made the difficult decision to only have one Games Day in 2010, which will be held in Baltimore on August 21, allowing us to focus our energy into one amazing event.

via Games Workshop.