Miniatures Sale!

In case anyone out there has been thinking about starting up a new army, or even starting their first army, for games such as Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40K, or even Warmachine. Then now is your chance!

Those awesome guys over at have announced an awesome sale that starts on Monday Feb 22nd at 12:00pm EST. You can get 25% off of army books, rule books, and Battleforces/Battalions/Battlegroups for just about every playable army. The only army I did not see available for the sale was the new Beastmen for Warhammer Fantasy, sigh…c’est la vie. I really want to build a Beastmen army. I digress.

So if you like war gaming and like to save money then check it out!!!

Go here! —->

Mini War Gaming goes nuts this Black Friday

Holy carp! Do you love sales prompted by holidays? We love sales so we figure you should too. So check out this lovely promotional video from Mini War Gaming hyping the event. There are lots of good sales going on and they apparently have free paint brushes. Now that’s a steal. You can also head over to their store and start your gifting ideas.