The Goose is Loose

Mongoose have had a pretty busy month so here are some interesting news bits from their side.

The D&D 4e Token Set is now back in stock. I took a look at this as it flew under the radar for me. It looks pretty cool. Currently we use Fantasy Grounds which is not as supported as we think it should be as a universal platform. (Not like were getting an online table top eh Wizards…oh I just didn’t did I?) But we are looking to do more in person gaming and this would be pretty freaking cool to bring some useful counters.

-If your looking for a campaign adventure for the Lone Wolf multiplayer book then you will be happy as Terror of the Darklords has hit the shelves

– Another item that hit the shelves is the LBB2: High Guard for Traveller

– Are you in Swindon say around Juy 10th? Then head on over to the Mongoose Publishing offices as you can join in on the open game day there where you can play a game of Traveller or Runequest II. Offices open at 9am and will stay open till 6pm

The Goose is Loose This November

Well for those who have misse Mongoose Publishing’s news for this month here you go

1. Mongoose has a State of the Mongoose address. You may want to check back later as they seem to be missing all the text. Perhaps it’s just a placeholder.

2. For fans of Paranoia you have two new scenarios. One is entitled “Treason in Word and Deed” and the other is entitled “Termination Quota Exceeded”. For more info check here

3. The following books were made available on DriveThruRPG: Traveller Supplement 5:  Civilian Vehicles, Judge Dredd: Bad Moon Rising, Lankhmar Unleashed and Elric: L’Ombre du Glorieux Empire. For more info check here

4. Traveller Supplement 6: Military Vehicles is now at your local game stores so enjoy

The Goose is Loose: October Edition

Here are some activities over at Mongoose Publishing which you may have missed

– Signs and Portents  Bumper Issue is available. Topics include psionic healing in Traveller, a look at goblins in Glorantha, encounters for Judge Dredd and much more.

– You can now get the Travellers referee screen which is always a handy tool. You know, I miss that aspect of playing in person. While the physical screen has been replaced by the digital one. Nothing compares to a slim piece of cardboard, peering over the top and players wondering what your cooking back there.

– For all you Earthdawn fans there is a lovely new product for you. Earthdawn Kratos is now available detailing the city of thieves in all it’s glory.

The Goose is Loose for September

When we started collecting news stories from various companies to help promote the hobby we found many sites in various shapes and forms. But none have frusted the shit out of me like Mongoose Publishing and their news section which only organizes by month. We like to provide news as it happens and try to avoid any large gaps but come on guys, please throw us a bone here. Just at one line of text to your news releases with the dates, thats all we ask.

Alrighty, I went out there and said it. So now in consequence and to be less frustrated we will provide their news on a monthly basis in our new column just for them The Goose is Loose. So here are your Mongoose Publishing news for the month of September and remember, all joking aside these are awesome products from an awesome company.

– They have Signs and Portents # 72 available for download

Judge Dread is now available for the Traveller system

– Earthdawn has the Players Companion and the Gamemasters Companion books out

– Two limited editions for Paranoia will be available. One is the Paranoia: Blue Line and the other is Paranoia: White Wash. Check out details here

– For Judge Dread a new adventure awaits entitled Bad Moon Rising

– A new sourcebook for 4TH Edition D&D awaits you called Scarrport: City of Secrets

– There are some new free downloads for Dragon Warriors

– And then some nice free downloads (we love free) for Corporation

– There is a free preview for The Strontium Dog RPG