RIFTS coming to Savage Worlds

On April 26th, Pinnacle Entertainment Group will be launching a Kickstarter for a conversion of Palladium’s RIFTS setting to Savage Worlds. The Kickstarter will run until May 19th, at which point we will know whether there’s enough interest in RIFTS on another system. Personally, as someone who grew up playing Palladium games alongside AD&D 2e, but grew to understand that there were better systems than Palladium’s now-well-aged system, this is a welcome sight indeed. I’m very curious to see what the final product looks like, and it might very well be a good reason to return to the gonzo* world of RIFTS.

More at PEG’s website here.

* Their word, not mine!

Kickstarter: Hell on Earth Minitature Mega-Release

Studio 2 Publishing is looking at releasing a set of miniatures for Pinnacles Hell on Earth Reloaded. They are aiming that the miniatures are released at the same time as the rulebook. From what I can see, congrats! There are not many levels but the prices are reasonable enough. I always find the shipping a bit on the expensive side for us Canadian folks but sometimes you need to suck it up.

Hell on Earth Miniature Mega-Release via Kickstarter

Railroading – It Encourages Nothing

Patrick Benson, over at Gnome Stew, posted a good article about how railroading can kill a player’s enthusiasm. It’s certainly something that I’ve grappled with as both a player and a neophyte GM.

About five minutes of game time into this scene there is a knock on the door. Drat! What to do? My PC took a knife out and sliced the palm of his hand giving himself a nice fresh wound. With the captain hidden, and the data crystal buried in the pocket of a two-fisted ambidextrous combat machine, the PCs open the door to some lowly NPC thugs.

“I need medical attention!” screamed my PC. “Look at all of this blood! I’m feeling faint!”

The other PC started hamming it up as well, and we began to make our way to the door. Does the GM ask for a roll? Does the GM explain what the PCs will need to do to pull off this trick? No.

Read the whole article over at Gnome Stew, the Game Mastering Blog