Mummy: The Curse Kickstarter

For those interested in the new Mummy: The Curse game you can go and join the kickstarter campaign. The book is a reasonable price and you will have some nice benefits at the various reward tiers. Might hop on this one but would maybe like to know more on it. And wouldn’t it be nice if White Wolf could update thier site and promote these kickstarters themselves in 2013 😉

Mummy: The Curse Kickstarter

Kickstarter: Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

White Wolf has a Kickstarter for a deluxe version of their Werewolf the Apocalypse book. This is going to be an update book that from the sounds of things, will be extremely kick ass. And while not on Kickstarter for all that long they have already generated almost $200,000 when they were asking for only $85,000. Damn!!

White Wolf intends to use Kickstarter as a means to determine interest and well,,,everyone is interested it seem’s. However to have a physical copy here in Canada would look to set you back $145 which is pretty steep but there are some goodies on the side. Ah, if I had the money.

Kickstarter: Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Anyone see the new White Wolf site?

Not sure if anyone noticed as of late but the White Wolf website has undergone a change for what I can attest as being ‘for the best’. The site seem’s to be more community oriented with forum posts and threads showing up below. I have to say I loathed the old site. It was a bit of a clunky mess but now we can breathe a bit easier now. So I recommend going on over and checking it out.

New White Wolf Website

What was once old is new again: Vampire Translation Guide

White Wolf has released a Vampire Translation Guide which helps bringing elements from the Vampire the Masquerade universe to the Vampire the Requiem universe and vice versa. And all for the gloriously stupendously cost of $0.99. Freaking awesome I tell you and kudos to White Wolf for tossing a bone for those Masquerade fans.

The Grand Masquerade

Now this is pretty freaking cool. From September 23rd to September 26th there is a White Wolf convention in New Orleans. If I could go I would so be there as I am almost sure that it will be a most amazing experience. But for those who can make it out there then head on over to The Grand Masquerade website and get all your info though. Oh and do send us your pics from this event. But please some company out there, think of Montreal won’t you? We need some love.