D&D Premium White Box November 2013!!

Well this looks very nice and for those who like lavish collectibles then this will be right up your alley . Wizards of the Coast will release a premium reprint of the white box however there is obviously no standard box here. We are talking a wooden coffer engraved with epic imagery and of course fancy dice. But again not only do we not just have the reprint, the fancy coffer but also prints of Greyhawk, Blackmoor, Eldritch Wizardry and God, Demi Gods and Heroes.This awesome set will unfortunately be a tad pricey at $149.99 US and $172 Cdn.

premium white box

Dungeons & Dragons PDF’s now available!! In other news, pigs have been seen flying over Canada

Well in a strange twist of fate, Wizards of the Coast has partnered with DrivethruRPG / RPG Now to bring PDF’s back to the market. If you head on over to www.dndclassics.com you will find a bunch of PDF’s already for sale. Of course not everything is in place yet as they are providing updated scans I believe but this is indeed great news for those wanting their books via tablet or laptop.

On the facepalm side of things however I cannot help but think the wait has been for nothing. Moons ago these very same sites were hosting the Dungeons & Dragons books only to have them suddenly yanked and unavailable yet now it’s ok to be selling them again. We got excuses such as piracy back in the day and something would be figured out eventually. During that time countless other companies have managed to figure out the RPG ebook dynamic that us techno hippies have brought to the forefront of traditional roleplaying.

So what changed their minds? Who the hell knows but let’s enjoy this moment and start purchasing books up before they get weary of this future technology and take everything away again.


Wizard of the Coasts: Virtual Table Top Cancelled

Well crap folks. While not totally shocking it has stirred up the community in a not so good way. Here is a quote from EN World where the news was posted on the forums. The quote is from an email sent to beta testers.

I wanted to inform you all about an important decision that Wizards has made regarding the D&D Virtual Table and Virtual Table Beta. While we appreciate the enthusiasm and participation in the Beta phase, we were unable to generate enough support for the tool to launch a full version to the public. Effective July 30, 2012 the D&D Virtual Table Beta will be coming to an end and the VT will be closed.

Over the next three weeks, we encourage you to wrap up your existing campaigns and make sure to gather contact information from your online group members so that you can stay in touch if you like. We realize that because all data generated in the tool is in a proprietary format usable only by the Virtual Table, it is not possible to export your campaigns for use in another tool. You can, however, take screenshots of any notes, maps or adventures that you would like to hang on to or use in your home games.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the VT Beta and look forward to continuing to support D&D game play through our D&D Insider digital tools and D&D Next.

Source via EN World

The Failure of Spellfire

Here’s an interesting article about the history of Spellfire, TSRs failed answer to Magic: The Gathering from the 90s. To be honest, I’d actually completely forgotten about the game existing until I saw this. From the article:

TSR was looking to piggyback on Wizards Of The Coast’s success, and soon. The company gave its vice president of product design, Jim Ward, just six months to create a CCG good enough to compete with the burgeoning Wizards Of The Coast juggernaut. Along with fellow game designers Steven Winter, Zeb Cook, and Mike Breult, Ward set out to create a card game that would utilize TSR’s substantial creative resources and improve on Magic’s shortcomings. The goal was to introduce a distinctive, higher-quality game, rather than just a D&D-themed version of Magic.

via Not In The Cards | Feature | The Gameological Society

Stan! Down: The Dungeon Master Experience

Over at Wizards of the Coast is an interesting article by Stan! who steps in for this article of The Dungeon Master Experience. It’s all about dealing with characters and death and specifically how the death of Stan! dragonborn was handled.

This is an extremely good read and definitely something worthy of further discussion. So check it out.

The Dungeon Master Experience: Stan! Down via Wizards of the Coast

5th Edition D&D is on the way

So the 5th Edition of D&D was announced this week to not much of a surprise to most folks. Well I would think not anyways. It seem’s to me we all knew it was coming sooner or later. It seem’s overall that the editions keep coming out with greater frequency and in doing so causing it’s own controversy. WotC is proclaiming that this new 5th edition will right wrongs previously done and unify the player base who have been divided via the other editions. Those are some heavy promises which I don’t think should be promised at this point. I just don’t think that WotC get to make these types of claims anymore.

EN World has plenty of tidbits which seem to be rolling in slowly but surely. The information is quite vague though with often just a random quip from a writer. It is an exciting time mind you as like many others love the possibility of something new and shiny. I know I will be following all the news even though I have reservations and I think that is something that a lot of D&D players should be doing.

I said before that D&D if anything has taught us that it is not the set of rules that make the game, it’s the players. Even with a horribly constructed game engine, something great can be produced and D&D despite it’s various editions and occasional flaws has never even been remotely a frustration to play.

I am happy with the idea of WotC wanting the community to playtest as it gets developed. I think that is a great idea to get a good feedback from everyone involved. It’s a different way to go about things for WotC and it might be that method in making an edition that bridges the gap for everyone.

Once all is said and done and 5th edition is released people will still have their preference but I hope that something really amazing is created and I get that wow feeling back that I feel has been somewhat missing. Either way it will be a wild ride till then so stay tuned and we’ll post what we can.

Wizards of the Coast Cancel D&D Miniatures

“We have made the decision to depart from prepainted plastic miniatures sets. Lords of Madness stands as the final release under that model. We will continue to release special collector’s sets (such as the Beholder Collector’s Set we released last fall), as well as make use of plastic figures in other product offerings. Check out the Wrath of Ashardalon board game next month for the latest example of this. Moving forward, we will continue to explore more options for players to represent characters and monsters on the tabletop, including Monster Vault and other D&D products that feature monster and character tokens.”

via Wizards of the Coast

Also from the same link: They’re making a new D&D movie? Hopefully it doesn’t suck!

The Return of the Red Box

Why did nobody tell me? Actually, it’s nobody’s fault but mine… and perhaps I was simply too distracted with running a Chronica Feudalis game to pay much mind to what was going on in the world of D&D, but this is just too awesome to not report, even if it’s old news for most! What am I blabbering on about? The return of the introductory “Red Box” D&D set. Not the actual return, mind you, but an introductory set for D&D 4e styled to look just like said box. While some may call it blasphemy, I think it’s very cool and smart marketing. This is the box that myself and many others got started with, and those with kids will feel fond memories seeing the updated box, thereby buying it to introduce their children to the game as they were in the past.

Check it out on Wizards’ site here.