So Magic The Gathering 2011 is coming

Well it looks like the new edition of Magic is on the way. I cannot say I was paying attention to it’s arrival. I wasn’t. After investing in about all the releases that came out one thing always comes to mind that there is typically very little ‘new’ and a whole lot of reprints. It’s ok to have reprints. It would not be normal to not get a little nostalgia cards. However I think that with each release they need more new things. At PAX I bought some older sets like Shadowmoor and still managed to produce cards that I already had from all the newer items.  I think one of the more interesting releases was Planechase as it offered a new dynamic. Sure it had some cards in other recent sets but there was enough newness to make it worth the price of admission. Anyways, I would just like to see more effort into making totally original cards.

Now that I totally ranted off there here is the purpose of this posting. If your interested in procuring the latest edition you can buy a box at select participating stores where if your damn lucky, will receive promotional card entitled Birds of Paradise. Check it out!

Wizards Signs New Deal with Stainless Games

A little older news but still worthy of mention. It looks like we will probably be getting more Magic The Gathering games via our Xboxs in the near future as Wizards of the Coast have signe a new deal with Stainless Games who developed Duels of the Planeswalkers. I hear it is quite a good game. I wonder if we will start getting a full blown digital Magic The Gathering game on our consoles. I can see a market for it.  I know lots of peoples who are fans of Duels of the Planeswalkers want to do custom decks and more cards. Food for thought Wizards.

For the press  release Click Here

Robot Chicken writers play some D&D

Much like the Penny Arcade/PvP Podcasts earlier, Wizards of the Coast are in the midst of posting a series of videos from a session where the writers from the TV series Robot Chicken are playing some D&D. Predictably, hilarity ensues, and it’s remarkably more interesting than one would normally expect from watching a group of people play D&D.

You can see the others, up to episode 4, over on Wizards’ site or on this YouTube channel that they’ve been posted to.

The Daily Wizard

Well we have not done this in awhile. Almost forgot how but news was rather quiet as of late so now that things are picking up, here we go.

1. The D&D Experience which is occurring January 28th – 31st is gearing up to be quite the show. It’s all D&D obviously and should involve everything you want to know about what is going on. To boot it will have full media coverage like Facebook, Twitter and through their community group. So for more info and a list of attendees click here.

2. Rather old news but check out this spotlight on DM’s. It consists of interviews with 4 DM’s covering tips and tricks on running games.

3. Love Dungeon art? Well I always love me some fantasy art. So here is the art gallery for Dungeon 174

4. Wizards celebrates the Drow in conjunction with the release of The Underdark. Very cool stuff and I think the drow are generally overlooked.

5. A new Confessions of a Full Time Wizard is available. Always an enjoyable read


Worldwake approaches so buy a box and get a promo card

Yes that is right Magic: The Gathering fans, you can now go to a participating retailer, buy a booster box and get a promo Celestial Colonnade card which has alternate art. I’m a fan of Magic but that certainly does not sell me on an expensive booster. I think they could kick up the promo package a bit but that is just me. Oh and to be more specific, this deal only applies to the first 20 people who purchase the booster box at the participating retailer.

I Hate Magic Items

I don’t really, but I just read this really interesting article on Critical Hits all about how too many magical items makes them feel less magical, and advice on making things feel more magical in D&D 4e games. I definitely recommend checking it out!

Here’s the thing I’ve come to realize: I don’t like magic items, period. Sure, they are a staple of fantasy literature. And I have a soft spot for certain classes of magical items, like the strange artifact or consumable item that has to be used at just the right time. +1 Swords? Fiery Platemail? Rings of Jumping? Never a fan.

Read the rest at Critical Hits

The Daily Wizard

Wizards of the Coast has some interesting items today so get ready for the clicking

1. For those following the Chaos Scar adventure we have an encounter set in the Chaos Scar. It’s entitled A Chance Encounter

2. We have a Dungeon Editorial on the Elemental Chaos. Looks like we will be seeing more planar goodies which is always good. Would like to see some more meat on Sigil and perhaps any updates on the factions. I miss Planescape so would like to see some revamped goodies moving it forward.

Ok well that was all the clicking over there. I may have embellished the grandeur of their updates today

Some Old News

Well I started browsing for news and guess what….most are on vacation still which means I should be too. Nobody sends me the memo. It’s ok, I can move past that but here are some things that did go on that is pretty interesting.

1. Fantasy Flight Games seem to be switching up the LCG format a bit to offer triplicates of new cards and making the packs with 60 cards in them. I guess this is good but I am not sure I am a huge fan of the LCG format. I got the Call of Cthulhu LCG from my wife and I am excited to play it but I still don’t like the concept that everyone is on the same base. I see the appeal and call me totally elitist but having played Magic: The Gathering I like having totally random boosters and having that little edge. And it’s not so much a matter of spending the most money to get the most benefits either as I am rather moderate in buying boosters. I just go with what I got.

2. Speaking of the LCG a new Call of Cthulhu expansion pack is now available. It’s entitled  The Search for the Silver Key

3. Finally have some White Wolf news. Got a new Storyteller Adventure System module entitled Through the Ebon Gate which is for Geist

4. There is a full set of maps available for Dungeon 173 over at Wizards of the Coast