Wizardly News

Well it’s been awhile with the flu’s and holiday activity at the house so here are some news from Wizards of the Coast

1. A new story entitled Tallfolk Tales by Lisa Smedman is now available for your viewing pleasure. Check it out

2. An interesting article on Dungeon Dressing is available. Should help add some more flare

3. Another Confessions of a Full Time Wizard is available. This time Shelly Mazzanoble guides us on the topic of House Rules.

4. A new D&D Podcast is also availabe. These are always fun to listen to

5. The Lost Library which is a 2nd level adventure is now available.

Magic: The Gathering gets Social

So Magic: The Gathering has a new social community website. It’s pretty nice looking and fairly standard for those types of sites but it really makes me wonder is why are they not using their own community website.  Really it’s already filling this role which makes the new community social page redundant. It just seems like a very strange choice.

The Daily Wizard

1. The art gallery for The Plane Below has been uploaded and it is pretty sweet. So go get your demon on and check it out.

2. We have two Class Acts articles available. The first is on Druids which contains your typical feats, paragon tier powers, etc. The Warlock is next on the list but while it gives us the usual it also introduces us to The Daughters of the Blackest Night. It’s quite interesting.

3. Coming from Dragon 173 we have the Ecology of the Mithral Dragon

Side Note

If you missed it, Wizards have provided their holiday gift guide if your not sure what to get for your friend, parent or significant other

The Daily Wizard

Oh Wizards with your updates are amusing. In todays updates we have some pretty darn good material.

1. Chris Youngs has an article on getting your players in the mood (Yup, insert joke here). It’s pretty interesting actually. When you first read it probably for most DM they will go well of course but REALLY think about it in context to your games and sometimes you might be enlightened. I know I gave it some thought and I have a habit of focusing on the larger picture rather then the here and now which makes things difficult to drive it onward. Let us know how your style is.

2. A new class acts is available which focuses on a Fighter who is a Weapons Master complete with various abilities.

The Daily Wizard

1. A short story entitled The Foundling is now available and is written by Mike Resnik.

Charybole left the few remains of her child where they were, thereby guaranteeing that some scavenger or other would chance upon them and develop a taste for githzerai flesh. It made no difference to her. Every single thing she had cared about was dead, and she hoped to join them soon, to see if the next life held more joy and promise than this one.

2. A new article in Dragon 381 is all about Sorcerers, various builds, playing them and of course has your fair share of new spells, tattoos, etc. Check it out as it will sure to be a good info for fans of the class.

3. A new Confession of a Full Time Wizard is up and it’s all about just beings geeks and what really defines being a geek. Also a bit on what crazyness goes on in the Wizards office.

4. We love art, we are pretty sure that you love art too. So Wizards has the art from Dungeon 172

5. Oh and you can also get allll the maps for Dungeon 172

The Daily Wizard

Well we have some interesting news for you today from Wizards of the Coast. A little something deomonic, a little bit of savagery and much more.

1. Today we have an feature from Dragon. It’s the Demonomicon of Iggwilv featuring Cordricuhn. Seems pretty bad ass and definitely worth checking out.

2. The seventh preview for Savage Encounters is here! Check out those mini’s. I am a big fan of the Rockfire Dreadnought. However I am not a big fan of the rest of the group in the preview. The rats mini just pisses me off. If I had it I would feel like my money flushed down the pooper due to it’s size. I know they have to eventually do these kinds of mini’s but it seems to be there are creatures a bit more worthy then rats.

3. In a bit of old news we missed yesterday we have Paladins of the Raven Queen from the most recent Class Acts feature. Looks pretty freaking sweet. Haven’t had a chance to play a paladin in a big campaign. I would really like to one day.

4. Want to celebrate Draconomicom: Metallic Dragons? Well now you can with these awesome wallpapers. Pimp up that desktop because you have some dragon action heading your way.

The Daily Wizard

We have some interesting updates today on the D&D website over at Wizards of the Coast so here is the run down

1. We have an article on playing the Champions of Torm for the Forgotten Realms. It contains some background, organizations and feats. Looks very interesting. I remember back in the 2nd Edition days the dieties book was one of our favorite books as it had so many options to add diversity to you characters.

2. As a compliment to the Eberron Players Guide we have a new build which is called the Warrior Forge Artificer. It looks pretty sweet and quite an interesting concept.

3. We are starting to see new excerpts roll in. This time we have one focusing on skill challenges for Plane Below: Secrets of Elemental Chaos. The skill challenge itself it is reasoning with a Slaad. Yeah I can see that one working our well…

The Daily Wizard

Wizards of the Coast is at it again with some pretty cool updates today.

1. You like art? Well I like art. And I like Draconomion art so that means today I am a happy camper because Wizards has released the art gallery for Draconomicon.

2.For those who enjoyed the Forgotten Realms novel The Edge of Chaos then your in for a treat.  Today is the release of a 12th level encounter which expands past the end of that novel. Pretty cool right?

3. WOTC has a new article for Ruling Skill Challenges focusing on Stealth

The Daily Wizard

Well there is a lot of activities going on over at Wizards of the Coast that includes lots of cool little tidbits.

1. To celebrate the Savage Encounters miniatures, artist Jared von Hindman was commishioned to create cartoons based on each miniature. Is that not cool or what. Not to mention the name. Anyone who has a “von” in their name is good in my books.

2. There is a new article focusing on Halflings entitled Winning Races: Halflings. It’s by Logan Bonner.. It seem’s to me halfings and gnomes were typically avoided in our past D&D games. I am not sure if it’s lack of interest, perhaps not often thought of as heroic due to their stature or what. Either way, will totally need to do a Gnome.  It’s decided!

3. I like short stories and so should you. Well your lucky now that you like them. A short story entitled The Winter Scourge by Mark Sehestedt is now available. It takes place within the Forgotten Realms which is always a fun place to be in.

4. Part 16 of The Scales of War adventure path is now available. It’s entitled the Legend of Io. So go check it out.

The Daily Wizard

Well we have some Wizard of the Coast news for you so get yourself ready here.

1. There is a followup to last months Ampersand entitled Big things, small packages and combat style.  It includes some Forgotten Realms news, Martial Powers 2 news and I see Ravenloft in there somewhere….oh my!

2. 14 new spells for Wizards of the feywild. Not too shabby and who cannot resist more deadly spells. I know I can’t

3.  Dragons of Eberron got the 4th Edition conversion treatment so now you can incorporate as much as you want in your games with no fuss.