Of Dice and Men

We’ve talked about it before when we went to PAX East earlier this year, but the production of Of Dice and Men that we saw did another show at PAX Prime this year. Jerry Holkins, best known as Tycho from Penny Arcade, detailed the experience of taking his mother to see the show:

The high point of the show for my Mom was watching “Of Dice and Men” the first night. Playing host to dramatic theatre is not, strictly speaking, in the PAX charter. We talked about moving parts on Wednesday, but if you want to talk about some moving-ass parts, a stage performance constitutes an authentic whirligig. It takes some fucking balls to put on a show anywhere, let alone in a converted convention room. Something special must have happened in there, though, because people wanted to talk about it for the remainder of the show.

My mother has never entirely understood roleplaying. I don’t intend to belabor the point, but when I was a young man it was the position of our church that Dungeons & Dragons held within it the clustered seeds of apostasy. She was so bewildered by what she had seen during Of Dice and Men that she made it a point to attend our D&D Live panel, where her son and his friends played this mysterious game on stage. The devil did show up, true, and we did go to hell, just as the clergy had suggested we might. Except in the actual version of events, as has happened so many times, we stood against the King of Lies at the very gates of his damned realm and emerged triumphant.

My mother came up to me after the panel was over, saying, “I’m sorry, Jerry. I’m sorry.” She wiped the corner of her left eye with her thumb. “They told me it was something else.”

via Penny Arcade

The Ennies are coming!!

The Ennies are only a short time away and voting has ended. Have you taking the time yet to see what has been voted? Is your favorite product there? I see lot’s of love for Warhammer, Shadowrun, Pathfinder and many others. I am always interested in what is voted best rules as it’s always new things to really try out. But go check it out and stay tuned for the results.

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