MiniWarGaming Closing Shop, Games Workshop Retailer Policy to Blame

Well some of you have might have heard about this site called MiniWarGaming who have been selling Warhammer miniatures for a long time. Not only do they sell miniatures but they release tons of videos on modelling techniques. Really these guys are hardcore and pretty awesome.

Well they recently announced they are closing

But the real story is not so much a company that has been in trouble but more like a company who has been doing good but because of recent policy changes at Games Workshop, they essentially are killing this company and probably many others.

So your probably wondering how are they doing this? Well for one, only Games Workshop is now allowed to sell their products online…period. Which pretty much alienates everyone. Both businesses and customers. The idea behind this all seem’s to be corporate greed.They are sugar coating it all under the illusion that they are offering a better service, more streamlined, better for retailers. But really when you buy your Warhammer miniatures online you can generally get them at a little discount. I think we can all agree that Games Workshop products are absurdly expensive. But they were the big kid on the block for so long that people are generally used to the high prices. But now they absolutely want you to buy it full retailer price.

I get they want to make money. All companies do and I don’t blame them. But I don’t think that this is so detrimental to their sales that they need to take this action. I also have a feeling they are a bit full of themselves. If you read their retailer policy provided by MiniWarGaming here, it comes off as being a bit smug.

To make matters even worse, Games Workshop has disabled their Twitter, Facebook and ability to post via YouTube on their channel. It’s like they know they are being assholes and decided the best way to avoid criticism is to close their eyes and pretend everything is all right.

In the end I don’t think that Games Workshop is going anywhere anytime soon, but stunts like this only damage their image and looking at a lot of comments around the internet, it sure looks like their competitors will be having a surge in their sales thanks to them. A bit ironic all considering.

But I highly recommend you look at the MiniWarGaming video explaining the situation of their closing and their thoughts on all this.