The Daily Flight

Well we have some cool Fantasy Flight Games news for you.

1. Fantasy Flight have opened their own gaming center in Roseville, Minnesota. Is that not freaking awesome. It’s a location that can squeeze 250+ players for board, card and RPG gaming goodness. I fully support these types of locations and hope that we see something similar in Montreal on such a grand scale.You will also be able to get a sneek peek at Runewars

2. And in not so load game news an expansion for Tribune is now available.

3. Fans of Dark Heresy rejoyce! Part 2 of the Haarlocks Trilogy of adventures enetitled Damned Cities is available.

A Week of Flight

Well here is some things from Fantasy Flight that I missed out on with being sick and all. Very busy week over there and looks like their PR is in top notch form.

1. Well this first bit is a bit on the older then a week side but totally slipped past the radar. It seems like there is a new Warhammer 40k boardgame called Horus Heresy. Seem’s like it will be pretty epic. Only time will tell so better start saving those pennies for that eventual high price tag.

2. The Call of Cthulhu dice for Arham Horror are now in stores. Will definitely have to pick this up.

3. Cory Konieczka has a chat about the combat system behind Runewars. I hope that the card system that he is aiming for works out as well as advertised. Hopefully they will have some combat examples down the road.

4. Dark Heresy gets an expansion in the form of Ascension. Now you can become an inquisitor, a sage or an assassin. It’s supposed to have advanced character creation rules as well. And this all tells me that our group still hasn’t even played this yet. Must try it sometime.

5. A new chapter pack for A Game of Thrones: LCG is announced. It’s entitled A Sword in the Darkness.

6. If you want to know what’s on the road ahead for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay then check out the Sifting Through Shadows download.

7. You can now download the core books for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay for $25 on DrivethruRPG and RPGNow. However the PDF’s are missing the cards and the fancy dice that are essential to gameplay. It’s being advertised as more of an extra aid. You know being a computer technician I can buy a $100 book and get the PDF on the disc with examples programs etc. Why could they not do the same. $25 for the books is not a bad price and I would be more forgiving if the cards were included. Come on they are cards. All you would need to do is have people buy the dice as an add on. They still save, Fantasy Flight still makes lots of cash. It’s the type of situation where you think they do a lot of good thing but sometimes you want to smack them. Kind of like Wizards of the Coast taking their PDF’s offline.

The Daily Flight

Today we have some updates from Fantasy Flight Games

1. As we posted just moments ago, Penny Arcade The Card Game is now available. It can be purchased at your local gaming store.

2. Another card game is out called Letter of Marque

3. And in even more card game news the Warhammer Invasion: The Skavenblight Battle Pack is now available at your local gaming store.

4. The Dark Heresy book entitled The Radicals Handbook is now available.

5. Need gaming tokens? Well now you game with these handy game tokens

The Daily Flight

Well, like what we do with Wizards of the Coast updates we will also do with Fantasy Flight Games since they have an abundance of news stories every day.  This way it cuts down time for us as well as making things a bit easier for people to find.

1. Finally we have a step by step combat example for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3 so we really see how things work.

Now I think by ready the article that it’s a bit on the over complicated side. I was getting a migraine reading through it. It’s certainly a novelty but I think this will end up a very expensive door stop for people when they are looking for quicker combat. It’s funny that they claimed all along that it’s about helping the GM describe a game. I’m sorry but that’s the GM’s job, not the job of a dice roll of varying psychedelic colors and cards. It’s totally anti online playing and I think but getting a vibe from the comments that they just killed off a setting with loads of potential.

Now I suppose you could use the WFRP 2 rules and use the setting info from future books. And I think most people will b ut man am I really dissapointed with the direction they took with this product.

2. A spotlight is shined on their silver line card game called Condotiere.

3, A look on radical inquistors for Dark Heresy thanks to the upcoming release of The Radicals handbook.

4. I pointed you all recently to the Lord of the Rings boardgame super duper special edition thats $400US. Well now we can have a sneak peek at it.

A lot of people over there have disposable income apparently as most of the comments are people praising it. Some even say the price is reasonable. In my head though no boardgame even if it’s in a wood box and bottled faeiries (i made that one up) is not worth it. In Canada a lot of people find thier game already quite expensive as is. I know, I know, it’s made for the fans. But even your fans have budgets guys. Either way I am sure it will sell out extremely fast. But I have to do a facepalm on this.

Fantasy Flight Games announces a Dark Heresy Adventure Contest

Fantasy Flight Games has an adventure contest for Dark Heresy. All entries are due by Nov 30th and you need to follow a set of instructions. The prize is The Radicals Handbook and with a side of glory & fame by being featured on the FFG website. Kind of cool but expected maybe the finalist to appear in the book.

I like that companies reach into the general populace to get good writing. There are a lot of talented people out there who are huge fans. I personally wish we had more game companies on the good old Canadian soil. I would definitely try.