The Goose is Loose for September

When we started collecting news stories from various companies to help promote the hobby we found many sites in various shapes and forms. But none have frusted the shit out of me like Mongoose Publishing and their news section which only organizes by month. We like to provide news as it happens and try to avoid any large gaps but come on guys, please throw us a bone here. Just at one line of text to your news releases with the dates, thats all we ask.

Alrighty, I went out there and said it. So now in consequence and to be less frustrated we will provide their news on a monthly basis in our new column just for them The Goose is Loose. So here are your Mongoose Publishing news for the month of September and remember, all joking aside these are awesome products from an awesome company.

– They have Signs and Portents # 72 available for download

Judge Dread is now available for the Traveller system

– Earthdawn has the Players Companion and the Gamemasters Companion books out

– Two limited editions for Paranoia will be available. One is the Paranoia: Blue Line and the other is Paranoia: White Wash. Check out details here

– For Judge Dread a new adventure awaits entitled Bad Moon Rising

– A new sourcebook for 4TH Edition D&D awaits you called Scarrport: City of Secrets

– There are some new free downloads for Dragon Warriors

– And then some nice free downloads (we love free) for Corporation

– There is a free preview for The Strontium Dog RPG