The Daily Wizard

Well it looks like there are some tidbits going on at Wizards of the Coast

1. Check out on how to organize all your stuff. Pro tips here people!

2. There is a new campaign concept which can be brought into your game. It’s entitled the Chaos Scar. It seems like an awesome introduction, so go take a peek.

3. Well, it looks like the first adventure for Chaos Scar is out. It’s called Stick in the Mud

4. An excerpt from DU5: Sinister Woods is also available.

Seems like a good set of updates and I am very intrigued by this Chaos Scar concept.  Let’s see how it turns out

Penny Arcade/PvP Podcast, Series 3, Episode 6

Mike Krahulik, Jerry Holkins, Scott Kurtz, Wil Wheaton, and Chris Perkins continue their hilarious and awesome campaign. At times it’s a confusing cacophony of people talking, but it never fails to entertain. If you haven’t listened to any of these yet, then you should be sure to start from the beginning! Hit the jump for links for the whole series.

Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page – Article (Penny Arcade/PvP Ep6).

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The Goose is Loose for September

When we started collecting news stories from various companies to help promote the hobby we found many sites in various shapes and forms. But none have frusted the shit out of me like Mongoose Publishing and their news section which only organizes by month. We like to provide news as it happens and try to avoid any large gaps but come on guys, please throw us a bone here. Just at one line of text to your news releases with the dates, thats all we ask.

Alrighty, I went out there and said it. So now in consequence and to be less frustrated we will provide their news on a monthly basis in our new column just for them The Goose is Loose. So here are your Mongoose Publishing news for the month of September and remember, all joking aside these are awesome products from an awesome company.

– They have Signs and Portents # 72 available for download

Judge Dread is now available for the Traveller system

– Earthdawn has the Players Companion and the Gamemasters Companion books out

– Two limited editions for Paranoia will be available. One is the Paranoia: Blue Line and the other is Paranoia: White Wash. Check out details here

– For Judge Dread a new adventure awaits entitled Bad Moon Rising

– A new sourcebook for 4TH Edition D&D awaits you called Scarrport: City of Secrets

– There are some new free downloads for Dragon Warriors

– And then some nice free downloads (we love free) for Corporation

– There is a free preview for The Strontium Dog RPG

The Daily Wizard

Well our resident wizard message relay fellow was off with the flu but he’s back with some nice goodies from Wizards of the Coast for your viewing pleasure.

1. Up first we have the lovely art gallery from Dragon 379. Has some wicked stuff and always impressed by what they have.

2. Next we have new build for Druids called the Swarm Druid. Check it out as part of the Primal Powers excerpts

And then there is….well that seems to be it. Well…ahem…not much for today. Tootles!

Game Design advice from Monte Cook

While we here at the hub haven’t ever really been into Live Action Role Playing (LARP), we definitely recognize good game design advice when we see it! While quite basic, it IS good advice and sometimes a little re-iteration is helpful.

Not that what you add or have in your rule should make it hard to play, but that you provide a good spread of items/details. It’s advantageous to have choices for other ways to experience the game as this helps keep the player coming back. These choices could be created by having different race and class choices (if you really must use classes), the way different skill trees are made up, the various skills, spells, other character abilities, or really any spread of choices that would allow a player to play the game again, but have a different experience through that play.

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Critical Hits Reviews Dungeon Master’s Guide 2

I must admit that with all of my concentration as of late going into preparing for Trail of Cthulhu, it completely slipped my mind that the DMG2 was out today!

For Dungeon Masters of all stripes, new and experienced both, the DMG2 is a must-have and will challenge the ideas of even someone who regularly dispenses advice on running RPGs (such as myself). This is the first 4e book that I can recommend to non-4e players for the strength of the first chapter alone. Plus, for 4e DMs, you get an extension of all that came before in the original DMG.

I must admit that I wasn’t impressed with the DMG from 4e, especially compared to its predecessors. I was told by other reviewers who liked it (and disliked the other two books) that it was a great primer for new DMs, and that may very well be true, but for someone who has as much XP as I do on running games, the only highlights were page 42, up-leveling/down-leveling monsters, and treasure parcels. The DMG2 builds on all that information and brings a lot new to the table while developing the concepts established in the original book.

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The Daily Wizard

Well Wizards of the Coast has some interesting updates for us today.

1. They have finally released the Art Gallery for the Dungeon Master’s Guide 2. If you’re like me and love to collect all the art you can get, then pay them a visit and download away.

2. The Assassin Paragon Tier is here.

3. They have a new Class Acts: The Warden available where you can learn a bit more how they function in the world.

Question: What do you think of the new Assassin class and do you think it’s