Kickstarter: To Slay A Dragon

Here is a new kickstarter for Pathfinder called To Slay A Dragon. As quoted from the page:

Do you remember D&D adventures which consisted solely of trekking to a dragon’s lair and slaying it, old-school style?  Have you fond memories of the NIGHT BELOW boxed set – in particular the first book which details the area of Haranshire and the various goings-on there? If you love the idea of a small village setting, detailed with various plot hooks and sub-quests, followed by a good-old fashioned hex-crawl and a dragon slaying, this adventure is for you!  It’s NIGHT BELOW crossed with THE HOBBIT.  Kinda

I recently got my hands on a copy of the Return to the Tomb of Horrors box set and while reading it thought that they don’t make adventures like this or the Night Below anymore. Sometimes it is a good to have a romp in a dungeon and slay a dragon. While it is nice to have some of the newer adventures that come out I think classic adventure making is a bit of a lost art these days .Glad to see this kickstarter and hope it gets funded quickly.

Kickstarter: To Slay A Dragon

Pathfinder gets Fiction Subscriptions…. and a Fiction Line

Well looks like Paizo is on a roll with the Pathfinder series. Now heading your way are Fiction Subscriptions along with a new Fiction Line of products. The first novel in the series will be Winter Witch by Elaine Cunningham followed later by Prince of Wolves by David Gross. Very exciting news if you love Pathfinder and great to see it branch out. Good jobs everyone at Paizo.