HEROES is coming back

Were you a fan of the tv show HEROES. I was a pretty big fan. I think the series had a lot to offer and brought superheroes more into the mainstream but it got a bit bloated at the end of it’s run. Well suffice it to say it is coming back in 2015. Not only that but the creator himself is coming back for it as well.  How about that for some interesting developments.

Heroes Reborn back in 2015 via IGN

TV Show Review: 666 Park Avenue – Pilot

This year one of the newer tv shows is 666 Park Avenue. While the title may sound like a Melrose Place type of drama, it is far from it. The show is very much a Stephen King type of show in that while it is in the horror / suspense genre it is all very subtle in how it is handled.

The premise of the episode is about a couple. Jane and Henry who apply for a job at The Drake as hotel managers. The Drake is owned by Gavin Doran and his wife Olivia and while The Drake seem’s very old but posh in features has a dark side to it. There is also more then it seems to Gavin and his wife Olivia as from the opening scene of the show, there are dark forces at work and we soon find out that people who are in need seem to have an opportunity headed their way, but always at a price.

We get to encounter some of the neighbors in this pilot and also see how things work at The Drake. The neighbors thus far are an interesting bunch..well those who survived this first episode.But this brings a lot of potential for interesting twists and turns and this show seem’s to revel in this fact. Each neighbor is a self contained story full of potential as everyone wants something and the devil is willing to provide. The deaths in this episode are not gore filled so for you horror enthusiasts this subtlety might not be your cup of tea but for prime time it’s extremely well done.

We see how Jane is slowly being manipulated by Olivia early on as they go shopping together. Being new to the city and poor, Olivia gets right to it by offering her an expensive dress but while Jane plays the modest part we see the temptation there. And Olivia’s portrayal of manipulation is so spot on that you can just feel her trying to edge her way into Jane’s life and debt.

Gavin also pulls a stunt on Henry after putting him near a potential conflict of interest in a court case which could cost him his job. But again this is done in such a manipulative way that you almost root for how devilish the devil is being.

But does all this mean that Gavin is “the devil”? Well we can’t be too sure yet though indications all seem to point to it from contract signings to hollow promises. Terry O’Quinn does an excellent job in portraying this devilish character. He just seem’s perfect for the job and Vanessa Williams who plays Olivia does an equal job of playing the mischievous role. You can tell when actors love their roles and you can see it in their performances.

666 Park Avenue is a definitely must see show. It’s spooky but subtle. It’s enjoyable from start to finish and if this is any indication for how this show will continue to be then I will be along for the ride. The potential for new twists as new tenants come into The Drake is limitless. I look forward to seeing the various types of characters and their bargains they manage to get themselves into. I really suggest you check out this show.