Of Darkness and Light: A Broken Oath

Monday the 4th of July, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: The group wakes up to a cloudy morning. After their usual morning breakfast they continue on their journey to Martira Bay. The day passes quickly and the group makes camp for the night. That night the group is silent as they sit by the campfire. Youri shuflles his deck of cards which causes the group to be nervous. After a while Youri drops the card of the horseman. The group watches as the card lies on the ground. Finally Youri picks it up and puts it back into his deck. For the rest of the night the group is silent and nervous because the don’t know what the card meant. Eventually everyone went to sleep.

Tuesday the 5th of July, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: The group wakes up to a very windy day as they continue along the road to Martira Bay. For a few days now the group has been very silent to each other. Caina and Edgar seem close at times but yet so distant. Throughout the day they give each other odd glances. Youri on the other hand seems to have had something on his mind. Eventually night descends and the group makes camp once again.

Wednesday the 6th of July, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: They morning is as usual and the group is slowly nearing their destination. The night proves to be one of interest as Caina once again walks off and chants with her hand making symbles in the air. She then falls to the ground as images fly through her mind of a manor. It looks to be in a very inhabited neighborhood. Then the image flashs to Edgar who is standing in a pentagram in what seems to be a laboratory. Then the image flashs once again to the manor but it’s on fire this time. That night Edgar also has the same dream.

Thursday the 7th of July, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: That morning when everyone was awake, Edgar discussed his dreams with Janus. Hearing this Caina wonders what the dreams may mean. The group then packs up their things and continues on their journey. As the day progresses dark clouds begin to fill the sky. Soon after the group camps for the night the storm approaches the campsite and it begins to rain. The group shortly go’s to bed awaiting the next day.

Friday the 8th of July, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: The group wakes up to a partly cloudy morning with a breeze in the air around them. The group still hovers in silence except for Caina and Edgar. At times they seem so distant but at other times they seem so close. That morning Youri walk a short distance from the group and casts his fortune, something he swore an oath never to do. After his reading he felt pain from the light the day gave off. Not knowing whats wrong he continues along as if nothing ever happened. After Youri finally arrives, the group picks up their belongings and leaves. The day is rather slow as the group travels. Finally as night approaches the group makes camp.

The group is disturbed that night by the howl of wolves. Feeling hungry, Edgar walks a short distance from the group to look for edible herbs but instead finds the grass moving with no wind to push it. Fearful Edgar turns around to leave only to be jumped on by a wolf. The rest of the group hears Edgar scream but they don’t move. Caina mumbles a few words but keeps to herself. As Edgar fights for his life another wolf attempts to attack him nut is caught by a root from the ground which ties around the wolfs neck and snaps it. Not knowing what to make of this Edgar turns to fight the other wolf on to be clawed across the chest. Finally after awhile Youri comes to Edgars aid and kills the remaing wolf. Youri then picks Edgar up and drags him as quickly as possible to the camp site fearful of more wolves in the plains. When Youri and Edgar arrive, Caina applies healing herbs to Edgar and lays him to rest for the evening. Later that night the group decides to go to sleep. To be continued………

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