Of Darkness and Light: A Curse is made

Thursday the 24th of June, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: Ashton left Il Aluk and began a journey to Corvia so he could calm down and think things through. The group decided that they would spend a few more days in Il Aluk. The day passed uneventfully but the night brought teeror once again to the Whispering Winds Inn. That night Malcolm went to break into the butchers shop so he could get his required amount of meet. When he broke the glass and tried to unlock the window. When he reached in, he cut himself on some glass. This caused him notonly to bleed but to change into his werebeast form. When this happened the first source of food he thought of was Youri.

Meanwhile the others began eating their dinner when all of a sudden cries could be heard on the street. Immediately Youri knew what was happening. At that precise moment Malcolm came crashing through the window. A battle insued where Ishmael and Zoe were knocked unconscious. Youri managed to stab Malcolm with his dagger that he coated with ginseng. Malcolm then collapsed to the ground and eventuaslly died. Youri approached Zoe and discovered a terrible secret. Her cloak now not covering her head, Youri saw that she had small horns. Youri asked the room of people to help but they didn’t because of Youri’s attire which reveiled him to be a Vistani and the secret that Zoe accidentally reveiled. Youri then cursed all who were present to an untimely death in the near future. He then went outside and confiscated a wagon for the group. After loading everyone on the wagon he was ready to leave. He left Il Aluk heading south east towards Corvia

Friday the 25th of June, year 750 of the Barovian calender: Ashton woke up that morning to the sound of a wagon. When he looked around he saw Youri sitting on a wagon next to him. Youri told Ashton almost everything that happened. Ashton then took the reigns over letting Youri have a break. They continued on till night where they finally decided to make camp.

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