Of Darkness and Light: A Friend’s Betrayal


Thursday the 23rd of June, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: The group finally composes them selves after a half hour. Edgar cuts Eldrons lifeless body from the tree. Unable to rest further the group continues on there long journey. The morning proves to be very quiet which is rare for the forests. The group is startled by a sound that comes beyond the bushes. When the bushes clear a young man wearing vistani garb. Lost in the woods the group turns to Youri for help. As the day continues the winds pick up and the arrival of a storm seems immenent. Malcolm suddenly transforms to his werebeast form and attacks Edgar due to lack of food for the past four days. Unable to defend himself Edgar gets bitten in the shoulder three times before Malcolm is finally able to control himself. The groups sets up camp and Malcolm leaves fearing for the safety of his companions.

The night is slow as the storm whips at the groups tent. Eventually everyone falls asleep to the sounds of the storm. In the middle of the night Youri wakes up to a sudden crash of thunder only to move just in time to avoid a branch that would spell his doom. Taking time to calm down Youri looks around only to see a message written in blood on the side of Janus’ tent. Worried, Youri wakes up Janus to see the message. When he looked at the message it said “Forget the path you now take”. Janus wiped away the message with mud and returned to his sleep. Youri wondering what fortune beheld his new found friends and him began reading fortunes for the rest of the night.

Friday the 24th of June, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: The group woke up to a peaceful morning. The weather was beautiful and as the travelled birds could be heard above. Surprisingly this scared the group because they haven’t heard anything for there whole trip. They eventually made camp that night and went to bed.

Meanwhile Malcolm made it to Viaki ahead of the group. Absolutely hungry he made his way to a butchers shop. Malcolm was in luck because the butcher was about to close shop. Malcolm bought 25 pounds of meat at the time but he still required more. That night Malcolm returned to the butchers shop and broke in. Inside he found enough meat to sustain him and then returned to his in room for the rest of the night.

Saturday the 25th of June, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: The day for the group is quiet of any activity. This worries the group because most nights there have always been some disturbance. This continues on till nightime. At night Youri mysteriously warns the group of his temporary departure. Where he went nobody knows.

Malcolm that day got some new items at the general store and tried to further the group’s investigation by asking the owner a few questions on where he got his supplies. Having no information turn up Malcolm wanders the city till night. At night he has his dinner and goes to bed awaiting for the early arrival of his friends. To be continued……….

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