Of Darkness and Light: A Group Shattered

Sunday the 10th of July, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: That morning Caina discusses with the others that they need to go save Malcolm at an island called Dominia. Agreeing on this the group spend the day walking Martira Bay and trying to find a boat headed toward Dominia. Their search proved to be dissapointing. They then focused their attention to the reason why they were here. They started their search for Daimon Samuel.

Cyrus led the group to the west district following a word he heard in his head while praying. After twenty minutes of searching the streets Edgar and Caina saw a Manor that matched the description from the one in their dreams. They approached the manor and broke in after finding the doors locked. They all split up looking for this man who has driven them on for a the past couple of weeks. The first two floors proved discouraging for the group but they came across a stairwell that went to a basement in one of the first floor hallways. Whn they went down to the basement they saw a black room with a couple of bookshelves and a desk with a black book. There was also a gold pentagram on the flor which reflected the light provided by the lamp. The group searched this place of evil and found that the book contained scriptures that none of them could read. As soon as Edgar stood in the middle of the pentagram it started to glow. The rest of the group backed away as fast as they could. All of a sudden a bright light filled the pentagram and the room. All the group could do was listen to the screams of pain Edgar shouted. When the light faded they found Edgar still conscious lying on the ground. Then glyphs started appearing around the room and the books started catching fire. They flame quickly spread and the group made there way to the door. When they arrived a glyph appeared on the door a it exploded sending them down the stairs.

Slow to get up the physically and emotionally distraught group made their way outside. There they watched as the rest of the house burned in the flames. Wondering if all was over the group heard a voice say “soon enough”. Not wasting any time the group returned to the inn. That night Edgar seemed nervous when sitting down at a table in the inn. Before the inn closed for the night, Edgar left to the edge of the city. There he laid down on the grass looking at the star filled sky.

Monday the 11th of July, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: In the middle of the night Youri saw Caina leave the inn as he read the future. Caina went to the edge of city and found Edgar. He turned to her and saw the eyes of a deamon who only want harm to come to the figure who stood before her. After a few moments of talking Caina turned to Edgar and thrusted at him with her knife. She managed to strike him a couple of times before he managed to grab hold of her. After one final kick she watched as Edgar transformed into a werewolf. Edgar then swung at her till he brought her down and then fed upon her body till morning.

In the morning Edgar snaped out and just kneeled by Caina’ now torn body. Not knowing what to do he didn’t move for what seemed to be an eternity. Finally he left toward the city. There he went to find help but found none to his dissapointment. Knowing he had to tell his friends where he was going next he went back to the inn. There Cyrus and Youri watched as a bloody Edgar walked in the room. Edgar explained that he had to leave and Youri had a feeling that Caina’ abscence had something to do with Edgar. Youri quickly put Ginseng on his blade and jumped at Edgar when his back was turned to leave. He struck Edgar with a mighty blow and Edgar soon fell to the poison on the blade. Cyrus instinctly subdued Youri. Soon after a ghostly image of Edgar stood over his dead body. Edgar said “thank you for ending my life”. He then dissapeared. After a few minutes Cyrus took Youri to the jail house and walked away in search of a way to find Malcolm.

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