Of Darkness and Light: A New Challenge

Thursday the 14th – 16th of July, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: The group tries to stay out of everyone’s way while they wait for their arrival at Leudendorf. Ashton helps around to pay off his passage. Finally the group arrives at Leudendorf and proceeds to an inn for some rest. There they begin to wonder about their safety. They also met a man named Vincent Gabriel who would turn out to be their new companion.

Friday the 17th of July, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: The group wakes up to find out that the innkeeper was dead. He was partially rotted lying in his bed. Youri knew that it was Daimon. Not wanting to be incriminated, Youri, Zoe and Ishmael went to a new inn. Meanwhile Ashton went to get the authorities while Vincent stayed at the inn awaiting their arrival. When Ashton returned with one of the authorities they discovered that the body was missing. The guard said he would investigate but didn’t quite believe them. Ashton and Vincent then proceeded to the inn where the others were now staying at. There they waited for the rest of the day wondering whether Daimon would show up or not.

Late that night all but Youri went to bed hoping that Daimon would show himself the next day. As soon as they all went to bed Daimon showed up and began talking to Youri. Youri found out that it was all a game. It was a game to find out who would survive. Daimon was amazed that Youri managed to survive so far. Youri attempted to kill Daimon but it was no use. Daimon was to tricky. Daimon then disappeared in the shadows leaving more questions to be answered. The only hint he gave was to return where it all began. Youri then went to sleep. During all that time Ashton was reading a letter he received from Daimon bringing bad news about his father. Ashton stayed up for awhile pondering about the fate of his father but eventually fell asleep.

Saturday the 18th of July, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: That morning, Youri told the group what happened that night. The group then went to the general store to stock upon some equipment before leaving on their journey. They then began their journey to Rivalis. That night the group hunted for food and then went to sleep. Before going to bed, Ashton read a bit of his book only to find a letter that fell to the ground. It was from Daimon, telling the group that there would be three tests that they would have to pass on their journey to Neblus. One test will be physical, the other would be mental and the last would be the ultimate sacrifice. Ashton then woke Youri up to tell him about the letter. What this meant, the two had no clue. All they knew was that they might not make it to their final destination. To be continued……..

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