Of Darkness and Light: Evil Within

Saturday the 9th of July, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: The groups wakes up to cloudy day and Edgar is looking much better. They finish eating and continue along their way. Throughout the day Edgar is paranoid due to the recent encounter with wolves last night. Youri also wonders about his new found ability to see well during the night as the group continues on to Martira Bay. The group then eventually makes camp, eat their food and go to bed.

Suddenly Youri wakes to footsteps behind him and watches as a man clad in white flowing robes approaches Janus who sits by the fire. The two talk for a bit and then walk a short distance away. Caina and Edgar wake up that night to hearing commotion coming from outside. After awhile Janus calls his undead minions to his aid. Suddenly a skeletal man and woman on skeletal horses approach Janus. The group meanwhile doesn’t know what’s happening. Finally Janus breaks the silence and introduces the two skeletal figures on the horses. One was his father and the other his sister “Caina” which he said he killed a long time ago along with many villagers from Vorostokov. He then turns to Caina who just watches the skeletal figure near Janus and says that he’s been searching for her for many years but her soul always managed to elude him. Janus then turned around to the man in flowing white robes and sent two of his minions to confront the figure before him and the skeletal Caina to the rest of the group.

Battle was fierce but the skeletal figures were disposed of and the man in white robes brought down Janus. Youri through a dagger at the figure which momentarily stopped the figure from delivering the final blow. Edgar seeing this new figure as a holy man helps the figure. The figure then approaches Janus broken body and delivers two blows to the head. After a few minutes of silence the figure apologizes for what the group just saw. He then says that he was sent by his order to kill Janus for the crimes he commited in Vorostokov. Janus killed his father, sister, and many villagers but was stoped by the lord of the domain. The lord then drained him of his power and banished him from the domain. He then said that he followed the group from Il Aluk in close persuit of Janus.

The group stood silent feeling betrayed and desturbed by what they say. Each of them felt that this man was telling the truth. The man introduced himself as Cyrus. He then askes if he could join the group in case Janus were to ever return. Edgar accepted and welcomed him to the group. Later that night Cyrus and Edgar dug graves for Janus’ sister and father. Meanwhile Caina went to bed thinking of the nights events and Youri read Cyrus’ fortune.

Sunday the 9th of July, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: The group woke up early and the morning. Cyrus asked Youri for forgiveness but none was given. Youri then read a another possible fortune. It was directed toward Edgar. A few minutes later the group packed up and left to Martira Bay. A little bit before noon the group arrived in Martira Bay. There they got an inn room while Youri went to a herbalist and alchemist. To be continued………

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