Of Darkness and Light: Memories of a Distant Past

Tuesday the 21st of July, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: That morning Youri woke up to looking out the window seeing his dead sister. Wondering what was happening, he quickly left his room and ran to the streets below. There he found no trace of his sister. He wondered whether the lack of sleep was to blame for this vision or maybe something darker. When most of the group was already downstairs talking of what they would do next, Zoe woke up to Daimon standing by the window. He asked the same questions that he asked the rest of the group. After a few minutes he left. The group then left so they could get a head start to Il Aluk. The day seemed to have passed quick and soon the group made camp. That night by the forest, Youri heard the voice of his sister. She blamed him for her death and said that she would never forgive him. The voice finally died out and he sat there or a moment. After a few minutes he returned to camp and went to sleep.

Wednesday the 22nd of July, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: The group woke up that morning to the disappearance of Vincent. Youri and Ashton began searching for Vincent only to find Vincent standing a bit off the edge of the forest looking at Il Aluk. Nobody knew how it would be possible but they thought that maybe Daimon was tiring of the length of the journey. They went back to camp and got the others to follow them to Il Aluk. When they arrived there the group waited for Ashton. Youri saw his sister once again in the crowd. He began to follow her but he lost her yet again. He was then greeted by Daimon who taunted Youri. Finally when Youri tried to attack Daimon, he saw that he was gone. Maddened by the constant games, he began to kick boxes and garbage to vent his fury. Vincent, Ishmael, and Zoe found Youri and brought him back to the general store where Ashton was purchasing some items. After that was done, they left Il Aluk on their journey to Valaki. That night they made camp by the river. That night by the river, Youri saw his sister on the other side of the river. She blamed him once again and then just left. Youri then went to sleep by the river while the others slept at camp.

Thursday the 23rd of July, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: That day the group finally reached Valaki and then quickly departed. The day continued for a bit longer but night soon fell on the land and the group made camp. When Youri left to retrieve herbs, he saw a ghostly image of his sister. She said not to listen to Daimon and that it wasn’t Youri’s fault that she died. It was her destiny that she was to die. She then said that she would always be with him and then she disappeared. Youri then sat down a fell asleep somewhat relieved that his sister didn’t blame him.

Friday the 24th of July, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: The day passed quite uneventfully. The only thing of note was that it was a very cloudy day.

Saturday the 25th of July, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: The group woke up to an uneasy feeling that they would be reaching their destination that day. The group arrived at Neblus that afternoon. The clouds where black and there was a the feeling that a big storm was coming. The group passed a church to an inn called “The Dark Travels Inn”. The group got rooms from a pale and grim man. Youri knew where they had to go but he wanted to make Daimon wait. Vincent couldn’t wait so he went through the poring rain to the church. There he entered to the dark and quiet church. He slowly walked up to the podium. When he finally made it, he saw five ghostly images appear. One was a woman in robes while the others were men. One of the men wore armor while the other wore robes and the last one wore peasant clothing. They said that the master awaited and that Vincent should get the others. Frightened beyond belief, Vincent ran to the inn and told the group what happened. Youri insisted that they get some rest and make Daimon wait. Zoe and Ishmael went to their rooms only to find the body of a crucified man against the wall who was cut open. The quickly ran downstairs and slept in the main room where it was safe. Ashton was already alseep in his room, Vincent was now asleep at a table, and Youri was just falling asleep.

Sunday the 26th of July, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: The group woke up to the darkness of the inn. Outside was pure darkness and the storm raged on. The innkeep was missing and the group was frightened. Vincent went in the kitchen in search of some kind of food only to find the severed hand of the innkeep. The group then decided that they should not waste time so they left to the church. They approached the podium and found a note. It had the last paragraph from the book Ashton just finished reading a couple of days ago. Then five ghost appeared and Daimon showed himself. He said that he was pleased that they were able to make it that far without getting themselves killed and killing each other. He said that they passed the tests and that they were free for now and that he would return in the near future. He also explained that there companions who died during the dream were still dead and that all those who lived shall wake up back in their respective towns or location where they first got involved in the whole affair. The group quickly decided to meet in Il Aluk and take it from there. The group then all woke up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night and sat there wondering not just what happened but what the future has in store for them.

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