Of Darkness and Light: Omens

November 15th, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: Once Ishmael returned to the wagon he saw that Youri was not there. He found that odd because Youri was supposed to be reading fortunes. He decided to walk around to see if he could find him in the carnival or around the city somewhere. Eventually after a half hour Ishmael found Youri unconscious on the ground. He picked Youri up and took him to a church. At the church an rather old man healed Youri enough to regain consciousness. Youri explained that Zoe was taken by a massively built man and that it took four daggers which seemed to do nothing to him. They thanked the priest for his help and made their way back to the wagon. During all this excitement Johnathan was out enjoying the festivities offered at the carnival. Once he returned they explained to him the situation and that they must find this man before he can bring further harm to Zoe.

November 16th, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: That morning the sky was an orange colour and the clouds were black. This unsettled everyone and Youri wondered what this meant. Johnathan went hunting in the nearby forest in search of some food for the morning. There he saw a man walk past him towards the town. Johnathan continued hunting for another hour. During that time he encountered a crow. It watched him for a while and disappeared. It reappeared later again as Johnathan continued his way through the forest. There was something odd about the bird but he didn’t know what.

Meanwhile Youri and Ishmael were wondering where this creature could have taken Zoe. Ishmael had been travelling with Zoe for quite some time but she never mentioned much about her past. The only thing he knew about her was that she came from Sithicus and that she eventually joined the carnival for awhile but eventually left for unknown reasons. They decided that their best shot was to try and make their way to Sithicus to see if they could find her. After determining what their next course of action would be, Ishmael left to go get some breakfast.

During that time a man named Jakaaz Midoor approached Youri and asked for a reading. He said that he had no money but was willing to offer his services till Youri found that he repaid him enough. When Youri was reading Jakaaz’s fortune, Ishmael returned to the wagon as with Johnathan who arrived shortly after Ishmael did. Jakaaz introduced himself and began searching the town for clues with Ishmael and Johnathan upon the request from Youri. Jakaaz managed to find a dagger which Zoe used all the time but other than that, nobody heard anything or seen anything for that matter. After a few hours everyone met back at the wagon to report their findings. When they returned Johnathan noticed the crow once again. This time it was perched on top of the wagons cover. Johnathan pointed out the bird and the ime he encountered it in the morning but the group dismissed it. They then reported there findings and made there way to the weapon shop to pick up some equipment. After that they left Karg heading west to Il Aluk.

November 17th – December 14th , year 750 of the Barovian calendar: They spent their time travelling on the road. Not much took place during that time except for the strange weather. The sky was staying an orange colour and more black clouds started filling the sky.

December 15th – 18th , year 750 of the Barovian calendar: The group finally arrived in Il Aluk. The city was as busy as ever and the group continued passing through. Youri had bad memories due to the last time he was hear. Ishmael also was uneasy about staying in Il Aluk so they pressed on as much as they could. As they travelled during the day they saw the crow once again. This time it was peerched on top of a building. The group found it an odd coincidence of seeing this bird throughout this trip. Whatever it meant they knew nothing good could come of it. On the second day the sky was the darkest the group has ever seen it. It was almost like night time but during the day. Finally on the third day, guards were posting signs on poles across the city. It warned the citizens and travellers to keep extinguish all lights because of the Darkest Night. The group finding this even more a reason to leave quickened their pace. Eventually night came and the group had trouble passing through the streets due to the darkness. After an hour they saw the edge of the city up a head. Just at that moment an explosion occurred. The group looked back only to see a wave of blackness with streaks of white and blue heading toward them. They moved as fast as they could with horses hoping to outrun the wave but it was slowly gaining. They managed to pass the cities boundaries but the wave was still coming and eventually it engulfed them. All time stood still and everything went dark.

December 19th , year 750 of the Barovian calendar: Youri woke up that morning on the ground. Apparently he was tossed off the horse when the black wave engulfed them. He looked around the area to find the weather was back to normal but everything else seemed different. The grass was dead and Il Aluk looked deserted. The horses that were pulling the wagon were dead and the wagons material roof was torn apart. Everyone in the wagon was alive and woke up after an hour. They also noticed the difference with the land and decided they were best to move on. In the evening they managed to reach the forest of shadows. Many trees were dead with branches hanging loosely to the trunk. Spider webs could be seen throughout and they wouldn’t be able to make it out till morning. They decided to rest there for the night but not without organizing watches.

December 23rd, year 750 of the Barovian calender: The group continued travellingas they have for the past few days but in mid afternoon they saw a figure over the horizon. Upon close inpsection they realised it was Zoe. She was exhausted from her kidnapping and abuse from Mordecai. She luckily managed to escape with the help of some unknown person who appeared after no where. Supposedly this person even got into a fight with Mordecai. Zoe didn’t stay long enough to see who had won so she ran and ran. That day the group spent resting for the sake of Zoe and her ordeals.

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