Of Darkness and Light: Secrets of the Past / Futures of Tomorrow

Sunday the 26th of June, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: The group wakes up and gathers their stuff while Janus departs in the forest for a few minutes. There he finds the remains of a deer which he then raises. Upon arriving Edgar takes horrible offense to the montrosity before him and tries to destroy it to no avail. Delayed for a few minutes by the skeletal beast and Edgar the group continues to Viaki. At noon they clear the forest and see they city before them. Unable to bring his skeletal friend, Janus leaves it behind to meet him on the other side once there done in the town. In the town they meet Malcolm at the Whispering Winds Inn. The group decides that it would be best to stay there over night. Nearing night time Youri leaves the inn while the others settle down and rest. Janus on the other hand goes over to the general store and steals a weeks worth of rations. Malcolm breaks into the butchers shop and eats his required amount of meat.

That night Edgar had a dream and woke up in a cold sweat. Nervous and terrified he paces around the room. Caina wakes up to the sound of the creeking wood. Curious Caina walks out into the hallway. Both of them hearing their sounds stop. Thinking the person had left Edgar continues pacing around the room. Caina then approaches the room a slowly turns the handle. Alarmed Edgar gets his sword ready. Caina pulls out her dagger and pushes the door open. In the room she sees someone holding a sword out while Edgar sees someone holding a dagger. Terrified Caina runs to her room and hides under the bed. Edgar follows as Janus wakes up. Janus then tells Edgar to leave. Soon after Janus picks up his stuff and goes downstairs. Caina soons follows and Youri arrives back at the inn. Edgar hearing all this activity downstairs gathers his stuff and proceeds to go downstairs. Once there Janus goes with Youri and talks about the fortunes while Edgar sits nervously at the bar with the equally nervous Caina. When Janus and Youri walk back, Janus voices his concern how everyone is Caina and Edgar are changing at that they are not telling him something. Janus then returns to his room while Youri gives a drink which helps Edgar and Caina return to sleep. Youri takes out his dice and fortels a furture which has just come to pass.

Monday the 27th of June, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: That morning the group wakes up and goes downstairs. There everyone eats away from each other in chilling silence. Malcolm then leaves for a while to later return. Janus goes outside with Youri and discusses further the fortunes of the group. Later that morning the group assembles and proceeds along with their journey. The day is uneventful and Youri mysteriously disappears for the night. That night the group is still uneasy with each other due to the recent events at the Whispering Winds Inn. As the night passes all but Janus fall asleep un the night of the full moon.

Tuesday the 28th of June, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: Janus watches the moon go down and the sun come up. Along with the sun is the arrival of Youri who seems extremely tired. Edgar and Malcolm finally wake up to the beautiful morning. Malcolm leaves for a few minutes and Edgar takes down his tent. When taking down the tent he hears faint crying coming from Caina’s tent. Ignoring the sounds Edgar walks over to the burnt out camp fire and begins eating his rations. Caina eventually wakes up and eats her rations as well while Janus takes down their tent. Malcolm returns and is ready to go. They then proceed on their journey through the plains. At noon they arrive at a bridge by the river. There they drink and wash up while Janus watches they land from the bridge. They eventually continue on their journey to Il Aluk. As night arrives they stop and make camp. After eating Edgar and Malcolm go to sleep while Janus talks to Caina. Youri rolls his prophetic dice and begins to read another fortune. To be continued………

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