Of Darkness and Light: Shadows of the Past

We last left off with the group making there way to Corvia. I wanted to skip some time so I could bring the group closer to the time when Requiem occurs. During that time the group made it to Corvia where they decided that they would split up and pursue there own goals. Zoe travelled much of Darkon. Ishmael travelled to Sithicus and met a new companion. Youri was arrested for just being Vistani and was sent to jail in the town of Maykle for three months. Ashton heard about the mysterious disappearance of Rudolph Van Richten so he began investigating in Martyra Bay where he first heard the rumour that Van Richten was in the asylum found on Dominia. Now your caught up on what happened during the time lapse that we took so now the adventure continues.

November 5th, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: After many months of travelling throughout the demiplane trying to keep a low profile Zoe became aware of the disappearance of Youri after being contacted by Ishmael. Supposedly Youri was being held in the town of Maykle at a jailhouse. Ishmael sent word to her and asked that she meet him in the local inn where they would plan for his escape. Ishmael first became aware of the disappearance of Youri after returning to Darkon from Sithicus accompanied by his friend Johnathan Willenstarstaff.

After many days of travelling Zoe finally arrived in Maykle. The night air was cool as she made her way to the inn at the corner of the street. When she entered she saw Ishmael who sat at a table with a fellow who she had never seen before. She introduced herself to the new companion and then talked to them about Youri. They decided to check out the area around the jailhouse and see what they could do. They proceeded to go outside and down the street. Once at the end of the street they turned to the right and continued on their way. At the end of the street stood the stone structure of the jailhouse. The inside seemed dimly lit and screams of pain could be heard. This unsettled the group as to what condition they might find Youri. They searched around the area for a while to find a sewer grate which they could open and take there search for a way in from underground. The smell of the sewers turned the stomach of the group as the each made their way down the sewer passage. After travelling through the sludge and dimly lit sewer hallways they saw a streak of light coming down from the sky. Underneath the light sat the skeleton of what one could assume was a prisoner who defied the law of the land. Zoe peered up the shaft to see if their was anyone around who could pose an immediate threat to them. A guard could be heard walking the hallways with the sound of his footsteps getting softer and softer. Ishmael took the opportunity to lift the grate carefully and help Zoe and Johnathan up the shaft and into the hallway. Zoe and Johnathan then helped Ishmael up the shaft.

Once they were all up Zoe proceeded to follow the guard to see if she could find any keys and to perhaps make him unconscious. The guard turned around and made his way back toward the area with the grate. Zoe watched as the guard noticed the grate. He inspected the grate and the hole for a minute. He then quickly made his way down the hall. As the guard made his way down the hallway Zoe leapt out of the shadows with the bottom of the dagger out to try and knock the guard out. The guard heard the footsteps and immediately ran to the end of the hallway toward the bell. He took out a small hammer and began yelling for help. Zoe quickly made her move to immobilize her opponent. After a few moments of struggle he fell to her dagger. She could hear guards running down the stairs so she quickly made her way in the shadows of the hallway. Ishmael and his companion looked around for a place to hide as the guards approached Johnathan turned the corner with his bow just as the guards were about to turn the corner. Ishmael and Johnathan fought for quite a bit but managed to eventually take down the four guards who threatened to end their lives.

Meanwhile, Zoe made her way up the stone staircase to the ground floor of the jailhouse. She quickly looked around for any rooms she could enter. She found two, one on the left side of the hallway and one to the right. She entered the room to the right where she found what seemed to be an office. She searched the desk to find a chart which listed the numbers of the cells with the names of the occupants. Since she couldn’t read she would have to find someone who could read. She then went to the next room which was also an office but with a guard sitting at his desk. The guard had a set of keys at his waste. Zoe tried to sneak up but he caught her held a dagger to her throat. Zoe also held a dagger to his throat but she dropped it to the ground. He the forced her against the wall and started to reach for shackles which were on his desk. Zoe managed to escape and force the guard against the wall. She asked him what cell Youri was in and then took his keys. She then rendered him unconscious and made her way to the other office again. She unlocked the desk drawer and found Youri’s possessions. She then made her way to the basement once again to find that three guard were searching for her companions. She followed them at a long distance while searching for Youri’s cell. After a few minutes of walking and descending another flight of stairs she found the cell number which corresponded to the paper she held in her hands. At that time she also heard a battle commence so she quickened the escape of Youri. Youri stood up and made hi way out of the cell and joined with Zoe to go help their friends who were fighting the guards. During the battle Ishmael fell unconscious to one of the guards but after a few minutes the guards were defeated. They dragged Ishmael to the sewer entrance where they carried him all the way back to the place where they first entered the sewer. Once outside they made their way to Ishmaels wagon and left the town before more guards could go after them.

November 6th-15th, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: They then spent the next few days travelling to Karg where the carnival where setting up. Zoe seemed upset at the sight of the carnival but nobody knew why. Youri decided that he would attempt to make some money by reading peoples fortunes for the carnival. After a discussion with Isolde he was permitted to temporarily join the carnival anf read peoples fortunesl. The rest of the afternoon was spent preparing for the carnival.

That night all of Karg was bustling with it’s citizens who were attending the carnival. Zoe was very uneasy and kept to herself. After awhile she made her way to the massive tent where she once performed. Inside the tent, people cheered on as the performers gave a tremendous show. Across the tent Zoe saw a tall cloaked figure appear from an entrance. As he made his way in the face under the hood made itself visible. It was Mordecai, someone who she thought she escaped so long ago. It was almost like the last time they met. He charged through the tent immediately after seeing Zoe. He chassed her all the way to the centre of the city. They talked for a bit trying to scare the other but eventually Mordecai grabbed her and threw her into a window breaking it.

Just as he knocked Zoe unconscious with his massive fist Youri threw two daggers into the back of Mordecai. Youri had become suspicious Mordecai after seeing him rush past his wagon. He seemed out of place so Youri finished a reading and proceeded to follow Mordecai to the middle of the city. They exchanged blows for awhile with Mordecai becoming victorious at the end.

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