Of Darkness and Light: Sleepless Night

Tuesday the 12th of July, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: That night Youri was released battered from the jailhouse. Exhausted from his time in the jailhouse, Youri went to the inn where he and his comrades had been staying at recently. When he got in he ordered some food and then went to bed. That evening a sailor walked in and made residence there over night as well as well as two adventurers who had already been there.

That night Youri woke up hearing a voice saying “soon enough”. Startled, Youri looked around the room and then out the window. When Youri turned to go back to bed he saw the body of Edgar with a dagger in his back. He then heard “why did you kill me”…… “whyyyy”. He then heard the voice of a man saying “soon enough”. Startled agin Youri through another dagger at the direction of the sound. Zoe and Ishmael who had been sharing a room, woke up to the sound of a window breaking. Ashton who arrived that night by his fathers boat also woke up to the window breaking. For a few minutes everyone stood still. Everyone then heard fotsteps in the hall. Frightened, everyone looked out in the hall and saw nothing. Then the door t the end of the hallway opened and Youri came out and walked down stairs. When he got downstairs Youri saw Caina’ torn body crucified on the wall. The others came downstairs to follow the man that just walked past them. They found him kneeling on the floor and a crucified body that had been torn apart.

Suddenly Zoe woke up in a cold sweat. she looked around quickly and found herself in her room. Thinking she had a terrible dream she went downstairs. There she saw Youri talking to the innkeep. Afraid of what she saw last night she checked out the wall where the body was crucified. The wall was clean but as her gaze continued downward she saw a dried blood stain on the floor. She immediately trid to get Youri’s attention but he just ignored her. Meanwhile Ishmael finally came downstairs. He saw that Zoe was following the man from the dream. He quickly followed not knowing what was happening. Ashton came downstairs soon after and got himself some food. While eating he heard a commoion from outside. Curious, he went outside to investigate. Outside were all the people from his dream standing around each other talking. One of them had a dagger at the neck of another. After a few minutes of watching a someone in the crowd fell to the ground. Upon further investigation the body was partly rotted. Not wanting to bring attention to himself, Ashton went to the general store and then off to find a job.

Youri knowing all to well what the bofy meant from the stories of his fallen friends he went back to the inn but not before hearing another voice that said “another shall die”. Zoe and Ishmael follow the strange man back at the inn and began asking him questions. Youri explained that the whole story about his friends and their journey to find a man named Daimon Samuel. Eventualy as night fell over the city of Martira Bay, Ashton returned from his job searching. After a good meal everyone went to bed.

Wednesday the 13th of July, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: That morning after his meal Ashton went to his new work which was at a tiny library while Youri led the group to Daimon Samuel’ manor. When they finally arrived after twenty minutes of walking, Youri found the house in perfect condition. Youri explsined that the house had burnt down two days ago and wonders how it was now fully restored. Like last time, Youri broke in the house and proceeded to the basement while Zoe and Ismael searched the other rooms on the ground floor. Zoe found a letter addressed to someone in the desk drawer so she took it in case it had any clues. To Youri’ surprise the doorway to the basement was covered by a stone wall. Then the hall burst in flames and died out leaving what actually remained of the house left by the fire. Zoe and Ismael also found out the same as the walked into the main hall which was now burnt to a crisp with pieces of the roof which had fallen over. Discouraged by their search they returned later that day to the inn. Zoe pointed out the letter she found but nobody could read it.

Zoe then asked the innkeep where the other man was. The innkeep told her that he was at the library where he now worked. Zoe then went to the library as she found Ashton stacking books. There she asked him to read the letter to her. He did so and then she left to the inn to tell the others what she learned. When she arrived at the inn they decided that they wwoul need his help in case anymore messages were to come. They then waited for Ashton to return to the inn. As soon as Ashton arrived Zoe asked Ashton to join them. After arguing he agreed and asked where the were headed. The group said Ludendorf. Knowing he could possibly get a boat ride there he went to his father’s boat where he had a heated discission which led Ashtone to go to another boat to get the lift. He then went back and got the others at the inn to the boat that was just about to leave. To be continued…………..

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