Of Darkness and Light: The Loss of a Friend

Wednesday the 29th of June, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: The group wakes up to a rather nice day and continues their journey to Il Aluk. The gigantic city can be seen far in the distance as they walk. After spending most of the day travelling the group goes to sleep wondering what terror this night shall bring.

Thursday the 30th of June, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: The night brought no surprises to the group to their enjoyment. The group was eager to get to Il Aluk so they left as soon as they could to get as far as possible. During the day clouds filled the sky and it began to rain. After many hours of walking they made camp and rested. That night Caina left the tent and began walking away from camp. Awakened by the rusling of the grass near his tent, Edgar went outside to investigate. In the distance he saw a figure walking away. Curious, Edgar followed close behind . After awhile the figure stoped and pulled out a dagger. At once Edgar knew who it was. She then began chanting and forming intricate patterns in the air. After a few minutes she slumped down to the ground. Edgar approached her cautiously. Hearing footsteps behind her Caina turned toward Edgar holding the dagger. Fearful, Edgar drew his sword. After countless minutes Caina through her dagger to the ground. She then kneeled down and said kill me. Edgar, not knowing what to make of this left her kneeling on the ground.

Friday the 31st of June, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: That morning the group woke up to a foggy day. They gathered there equiment and continued along on the last day they would have to camp out. The day progressed rather quickly and the group made camp. That night Janus asked Youri what his future would hold. This caught the attention of the rest of the group and they all watched as Youri read the cards. Janus’ future goal was either going to lead to failure, or failure, resulting in him sacrificing his life. Interested in her distant future, Caina asked Youri for her future. After a few hours the group went to sleep.

Saturday the 1st of July, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: The group finally arrived in Il Aluk a little bit before noon. They stayed at The Weary Travellers Inn. After getting their rooms Janus went looking around the wondrous city except for Edgar, Malcolm,Youri and Caina who went to sleep as soon as she got to her room. Youri robbed a young woman of her possesions and left hastily outside. Malcolm started to take a bath but shortly after he was in a bloodrage because he did not eat enough food during their journey. Malcolm transformed into weretiger form and began attacking everyone starting with Edgar. Fear struck travellers ran out the inn while three brave souls tried to save Edgar. The rampage lasted almost an hour and caused many deaths. After Malcolm was full his bloodrage went away but he was left physicallly exhausted. That gave the guard a chance to get him into a cell. Later that day Caina tried to rescue Malcolm by charming two gards to help her in but there were just to many guards. Sadened by not being able to rescue Malcolm she left with the help of one of the charmed guards. Caina did hear what sentence awaited Malcolm but could do nothing to prevent it. That night the group rested in the partially recked inn.

Sunday the 2nd of July, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: The group leaves Il Aluk on their journey to Martira Bay. All but Janus are haunted by the images of the fallen in Il Aluk due to Malcolm. That night as the group made camp Youri read what the future had in store for Malcolm while Caina watched the stars. Edgar went to sleep early as did Janus.

Monday the 3rd of July, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: The day held an silence due to the recent events in Il Aluk. The group continued onward till night. At night the group stoped and made camp in waiting for the next day to arrive. To be continued………..

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