Of Darkness and Light: Travels Under the Twilight

Tuesday the 21st of June, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: The group returned to the Dark Travels inn that morning to let Janus rest from his injury. During the rest of the day Caina stood watch over Janus while treating his wounds, while Edgar and Malcolm investigated the the death of the priest further. The church was quiet except for the burning body as Edgar and Malcolm searched the basement. In the first room that they searched they found clothes meant for charity, the second room provided a matter of interest. Inside they found two body’s one which was normal and another which was split open from stomach to collar bone with it’s rib cage split open as well. More than anything the thing that surprised them was the fact that all the internal organs were missing. Upon further search of the room they found oddly shaped blades and scalpels in a cabinet by the wall. Frightened the two tried to open the last door to no success. Malcolm attempted to ram the door but could not. Malcolm then lit the door on fire so it could weaken the doors physical structure just enough for him to ram it open. More to his surprise when he crashed into the door it split in three parts and tumbled in the small room. From what little they saw in the now burning room was a shock. The room seemed to have been dedicated to the black arts. They could not save any material that was in the room. As for the rest of the church they found no clues.

Later that day Edgar went to the second church of Neblus in search of help for his friend Janus. There he met a priest named Albert Severa. Unable to help at the present moment Albert said he would stop by later to check on Janus. Malcolm on the other hand saw the town guard to notified him of the priests death. The guard followed Malcolm to the church to see what happened. After answering a few questions Malcolm left back to the inn. Not knowing what to do Malcolm left for a walk. During that time he met Edgar and they continued there walk for an hour.

During that time Albert visited Janus and checked up on his progress. Albert left short after and Caina resumed her watch. When Malcolm and Edgar arrived back at the inn the guard was sitting at a table waiting for them. The guard asked whether they saw another person in the church they replied that they have not. The guard then asked for them to follow him to the church. There they found the entry clean of any blood an the body was missing. Unable to explain what might have happened the two left back to the inn. There they went to bed early. In the middle of the night Everyone was awakened by a storm outside. They took this opportunity to get some dinner. After dinner they returned to there rest.

Wednesday the 22nd of June, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: The next morning Edgar woke up first. When he woke up his bed was wet. When he looked at his bed it was covered in blood and so was he. Startled he looked up for a brief moment to see the body of the priest crucified to the wall above his bed. The rest of the group woke up with a scream coming from Edgars room. When they checked to see what was going on they saw the grim sight in Edgars room. Investigating further they found no sign of how the body was brought into the room. Puzzled they returned to the church. At the church Janus found a letter from Martira Bay. The letter said the experiment was going as planned and that it would be arriving soon. He also found one mentioning an apprentice that would replace during the time the priest would be gone.

Taking time to think about the situation Malcolm brought the guard to Edgars room only to find the body missing again. The group shortly united back at the graveyard where Janus was attempting to piece there findings together. Needing more answers the group visited Albert at the second church. There they persuaded him to go back to the other church and attempt to indentify the bodies in the basement. The first body he didn’t know who it was but the second he identified as the apprentice that replaced the priest. The priest then explained that the priest went on a trip to Martira Bay a few weeks ago. When he returned there was no sign of the apprentice after that. The group then returned back to the inn to plan there next course of action. There they decided that they would go to Martira Bay. For the rest of the day the group traveled and eventually camped out. That night Edgar had a dream that he was walking around a man who was on his knees and as he walked in back of the man he ran him through with his sword. Then he wiped the blade on the body and he took a drop of blood still on the sword and tasted it. At that point Edgar woke up sweating.

Thursday the 23rd of June, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: Edgar explained his dream to his friends but they knew nothing that could explian his dream. As for the rest of the day it was uneventful.The day was clear which made a change for the group. The night was still as there was no wind at all. Resting nder the calmness of the night the group fell asleep. During the night Caina woke up to a voice which beskoned her. It repeated her name four times and then said “The forest” and then died out. She then heard a creek coming from outside the tent. When she peeked her head out the tent she saw that they were now in a forest. The creek persisted and when she got up and turned around only to find Eldron hanging from a tree. Caina woke the others up and they saw there surroundings and then the body of Eldron. They stood there for a few minutes not knowing what to do next. To be continued…….

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