Of Darkness and Light: Trust

Sunday the 19th of July, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: The group woke up to a cloudy morning. Everyone wondered what was going to happen next an if they would survive. The day passed quickly and soon night fell on the land making the group stop to make camp. The group decided to split the night into watches, so Youri took the first watch. During his watch the flame made by the fire turned a bluish light and then a familiar voice came out of nowhere. It was the voice of Daimon Samuel. He asked Youri many questions about the group. Mostly if he trusted them and if so/if not, why did he think that about the individual. After a few moments Daimon left and all was normal again. Youri then woke up Ishmael. Ishmael then received a visit from Daimon too. He asked Ishmael the very same questions he asked Youri. After awhile he left once again but never a showed up during the other watches.

Monday the 20th of July, year 750 of the Barovian calendar: The group finally arrived at Rivalis after a long and tiring day. They found an inn called “The Wolf’s Claw”. There the group got rooms. When Ashton went to his room he lit the candle in the room to find Daimon near the far wall. Daimon questioned Ashton on whether he trusted the group or not. After a few minutes of discussion Daimon went to Vincents room and asked the very same questions. When that conversation finished, Daimon then left. To be continued……….

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