Ordinem Ignota: Grant Carrington

Grant comes from wealth. His parents were always distant, save for the things that they would buy him to satisfy their requirement for attention. If pressed, of the two he would say his father was the one he was closer to. He always felt there was more to life than money, and so as soon as he could, he travelled about Europe for a number of years. The experience was enlightening and enriching, and inspired him to become a professor in European history. Before his return, his father Forrest passed away. Once Grant had returned stateside his mother, Evelyn, refused to speak with him from that point on, their already-strained relationship became even more distant.

He put his mind to school, and was educated at Miskatonic University with honours. An altogether even more amazing feat being that after his father’s death, strange happenings seemed to follow Grant with an alarming frequency. He did his best to ignore them, figuring them for stress due to his father’s passing, and went about his life. It wasn’t until the third woman walked out on him due to strange occurrences that he finally thought there might be something to this.

From there, Grant dove into the realm of the occult, looking for all he could about hauntings and family curses. Perhaps what was happening was a result of his father trying to tell him something? When he began getting involved in research of the paranormal, a whole new world was opened to him that he never realized existed. He had to know more.