Ordinem Ignota: Henry Lawrence

His whole life Henry has been very much alone. In his thirteenth year, his parents were lost at sea. Being the sole inheritor, he has never wanted for anything. Being cared for by the estate servants granted him a much more lenient adolesence then he would of otherwise had.

He was never one to make many friends and he spent many summers walking the coastlines. He prides himself on knowing the coasts between Arkham and Innsmouth better than most. This is where he developed his interest in geology and then uncovered his passion in painting. His study is filled with hundreds of coastal landscapes that he has done. It may be a bit morbid, but he has been strangely in awe of the seas and oceans since his parents perished amongst the waves.

One experience that terrified him during his teens was one coastal adventure a mere several miles from dear shunned Innsmouth. While he shared prejudices and never enter the town proper, he loved the rocky coastline nearby. On one such excursion he had found a cavern entrance. It displayed signs of activity by a multitude of scuff marks marring the surfaces. Being reckless, he grabbed his torch and proceeded to explore. Not far in, the torch failed leaving him in darkness. Only the faintest pinpoint of light to mark the entrance could be seen. Panic began to take grip, as he turned to exit a sudden sound startled him and something cold grasped at him. He shook free and ran, escaping back into the daylight. Looking back he feels it was just anxiety, but a dark part of him wonders if there was actual malevolence at play that day.

His late teens and early twenties he fully appreciated living a wealthy lifestyle. Parties and women became a habit for him. By his mid twenties he wanted some direction and enrolled to Miskatonic University. Here he met a few others like himself and for the first time found true friendship. While he may not always play things straight, he believes he has avoided the worst that fate may have had in store for him…