Ordinem Ignota: Simon Hollingworth

Simon Hollingworth grew up in Innsmouth his mother stayed at home and his father was a fisherman. Because his father was always away, he was always with his grandfather. They would spent much of their time together at the library. His grandfather loved history and they spent a lot of time learning about history together and his grandfather shared much of his knowledge of History. Simon later went to major in history specifically Egyptian history and Antiquities at the Miskatonic University.

His Grandfather died shortly after Simon graduated. Simon later did a little traveling and ended up in Egypt where he was able to explore ruins and pyramids researching and studying the treasures that were found within. Simon was interested in hearing stories of men who experienced various curses on treasures found in the pyramids. In his spare time Simon began researching books on the Occult.

After many years in Egypt Simon received a letter from his mother asking him to return home. His father had gone out in a fishing boat and got caught in a storm. The crew and boat never returned to Innsmouth and were all assumed dead. Simon returned to Innsmouth and took a job at the local library in Innsmouth and cared for his mother with
the help of his sister. His sister eventually got married and had three children. Simon continued his research into the Occult, often bringing him to Miskatonic University and the Orne Library. He was there so often that he was offered a job at the University Library.

He bought a small house and when his mother became sick his sister couldn’t look after her anymore and he moved his mother with him to Arkham and she was placed in the hospital there where Simon visits her and cares for her every chance he gets.