Palladium Fights the Good Fight

Palladium has a press release up. In all honesty it’s not your typical press release. It takes a more personal tone this time around concerning the personal life of Kevin Siembieda. It’s very honest on not only things going on with him but also the current state of Palladium. I think that brand of honesty is refreshing. They have had a lot of problems in the past two – three years but are still pulling through. While we at the Hub are not particularly huge fans of their system, we all started on it and have fond memories of the times we had and the quality of the material. To book the books are insanely affordable which to any game is godsend.

In gaming related news they have some new Robotech books on the way and Mysteries and Magic Book One: The Herart of Magic. I highly encourage you to check what Palladium has to offer.

AEG releases part 1 of Blood of Shadow

Alderac Entertainment Group has released part 1 of a new story called Blood of Shadow. I like that they have lots of story updates. I find them very interesting. It also makes me think we don’t hear a lot about Legend of the Five Rings anymore. It seemed to have a kick in the 90’s but died down since. I am glad though it’s getting some loving still.

Quiet Night

To: Curt

From: Carl

I had originally thought of doing a daily email like found on Kotaku which we post to the sight. Something random whether it be home related or game related. However while I was thinking of something interesting to write earlier on today my mom told me my grandmother is now terminally ill. She’s been in a home for many years due to multiple strokes however she has always managed to stay strong despite all the hardships she has faced.

She has lived a long life and is now 94 years old. The cause from what we are told is either a ulcer or cancer as she is currently bleeding internally. Unfortunately due to her age and frailty nothing can be done and they are afraid even doing an exam would be too much for her. I never had anyone that I have known have cancer. Of course this then triggers thoughts about your life and how your living it. Eating well, making sure you have quality time with your kids, etc. All I know though is that I admire her perserverance through all these obstacles.


Midnight Chronicles is now on DVD

Whoa, back the truck up. We recently heard that this was just on iTunes but now it’s even better. Now you can head over to your retailer and get a copy of Midnight Chronicles which from the looks is roughly 50 times better then Dungeons and Dragons the movie. Just saying! Check over at Fantasy Flight Games for the announcement.

Fantasy Flight Games discusses WFRP 3rd Ed Engagement

Well Fantasy Flight Games has yet another WFRP 3rd ed update for us discussing engagements, maneuvers and ranges. Again they attempt to convince us that all these items are to help the GM describe actions and for players to be more involved in the adventure rather then grids and better and for all around improvement. I’m still at a loss though on how mechanics even ones that forgo grids only to use “vague” measurements will get people more involved. This isn’t the first RPG to go this route of gridless playing, go out and find most non D&D games. Mind you now you hand standups and counters for who is engaged with what item or creature.

A lot of these seem redundant. I get their ideas however I think their presenting them like it’s so wicked that you have no grids now as if it’s something new. Grid or no grid, the involvement of your group in the game relies on their interest based on how good of a story your telling. It goes hand in hand. But it even looks more board game like. No wonder it comes in a box.