Ravenloft: Of Darkness and Light

The Dark Travels Inn is a place where the desperate fall upon during their journeys. It’s owner a pale skinned elven man named Eldron greats all who enter in his monotone voice only enhancing the parties sense of weariness, fatigue and dread. While the Dark Travels Inn may seem like a refuge to some, to others it will be their last visit.

Of Darkness and Light was by far one of our more successful games which lasted quite a long time. Not as long as some of our games mind you but it was indeed memorable. For me as the DM it was probably my second game I ran and the one I am most proud of. I managed to dig it up thanks to the internet web archive and I present it to you here in it’s unaltered state, spelling errors and all.

While there is no sense of style to the writing it reads well none the less and who knows, maybe seed of an idea will pop into your head. So to all who read this and to my brothers who I shared this journey with…enjoy.

Ashton Anchors
Edgar Black
Daimon Samuelle
Jakaaze Midoor
Janus Zephire

1. A Mysterious Funeral
2. Travels Under the Twilight
3. A Friend’s Betrayal
4. Secrets of the Past / Futures of Tomorrow
5. The Loss of a Friend
6. A Broken Oath
7. Evil Within
8. A Group Shattered
9. Sleepless Night
10. A New Challenge
11. Trust
12. Memories of a Distant Past
13. Reunion
14. A Curse is Made
15. Shadows of the Past
16. Omens

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